How long did you babywear for?

With so many great baby carriers, there are plenty of choices for new parents to babywear. With babies' preference plus their size, weight, and build, I'm curious to know--if you wore your baby (or babies!), how long did you do it for?

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  •   -   10/02/2018

    Up until about age 4! Having a toddler sized baby carrier really opened up so many opportunities for our active family. We've hiked to waterfalls, through caves, and braved crowded festivals where a stroller would have been a giant pain and where preschool-sized legs and stamina couldn't keep up.

    •   -   10/02/2018

      I love this! Same for us--preschooler-wearing was easier than dragging a stroller along in many cases!

    •   -   10/02/2018

      I need to figure out how to baby wear more effectively - my little ones have always squirmed and fought their way out of their carriers, and since we prefer holding them over strollers (and they never ever sit in their strollers longer than 5 mins anyway), we end up carrying them waaay more than our backs and arms like!

  •   -   10/02/2018

    I carried my second son well into his third year, and still occasionally wear him now that he's four! He's getting too heavy for me now, so we'll have to stop altogether soon :-(

  •   -   10/03/2018

    I think I used a carrier twice with my second. I did not like it. I'm clumsy and I had fears of tripping and squishing the baby.

  •   -   10/07/2018

    I envisioned myself babywearing, bought multiple carriers, and then had giant-sized babies. My few attempts ended in back and neck strain. So, I had to throw in the towel. I love the concept. It just didn't work for me.

  •   -   11/13/2018

    I haven't worn her much since she got bigger (she's 11 months but the size of 18 months) though I really want to start babywearing her more even until she's a toddler. I just haven't.

  •   -   10/03/2018

    Wow! I must’ve been in the dark with the baby wearing trend. I only had the Baby Bijorn (not all the cool carriers out now) and could barely handle carrying my little ones at age 1.

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