How far in advance do you plan your family vacation?

I try to plan vacations, but think I have commitment issues of where and when we will be spending our quality time together. Usually, I am best with a last minute trip so I don't overthink it and drive my kiddos crazy! How does your family make the most of your time together?

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  •   -   05/10/2018

    I leave most of the trip planning to my husband - he loves to do it! He gets a kick out of doing all the research, planning the activities, finding the best accommodations, etc...and so far, he's been spot on with what works best for our family traveling together! He always gives us a final vote but the kids and I have found it's fun to sit back and see where his adventures take us! And since I'm usually the one that "gets" to do the packing for everyone - it's one less thing on my to do list!!! Win-win!

  •   -   05/10/2018

    We have a regular beach vacation we take every summer that we book at the start of the year. Any other plans are made in advance for take advantage of airfare. The exception would be a driving vacation which we usually plan a month or two out.

  •   -   06/05/2018

    We've never taken a true "family vacation." My husband's family is a 14 hour drive from us, so all of our vacation days go to visits there. I'm looking forward to the day when we can go somewhere just for the fun of it!

  •   -   05/10/2018

    My husband and I fall somewhere in between flying by the seat of our pants and planning a few months ahead of time. We don't do extravagant vacations, and tend to wait until we find a great deal (usually last minute). I've found that planning far ahead typically means paying full price, eek!

  •   -   05/10/2018

    Wow this is a great question! Since we typically pick popular destinations for spring break, we try and book as far out as we can. We just don't want to end up without a hotel room! However, we watch airfare prices and when those drip down in price, we book. Sometimes that is last minute.

  •   -   06/07/2018

    If it were up to my husband, we'd plan the week before. I'm too Type A for that and would prefer to have the entire year ahead of me mapped out if I could! Sometimes I have to semi-plan something early on and just wait to tell him about it so he doesn't get too stressed out!

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