How far do you travel for vacations?

Family vacations can be so fun, but it's sometimes a drag when it takes so long to get there!

What's your "sweet spot" when it comes to the time it takes to travel for vacation?

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  •   -   01/07/2019

    Though we often travel further to visit family or for special trips, we’ve found that long weekend getaways about 2-3 hours away offer a perfect balance of adventure/novelty and convenience, so we can enjoy “getting away” without making ourselves too exhausted in the process!

  •   -   01/07/2019

    A couple of our favorite family (and beach!) destinations are over three hours from home--and with kids it can take up to four. I wouldn't go any farther than that for our trips with a 4yo and 8yo.

  •   -   01/07/2019

    Our last trip was Washington DC which is about 3 hours. I really don't like going on long car trips but would go up to 5 hours so we can go to New England/Boston and also Colonial Williamsburg. The kids get antsy in the car and we stop along the way at other attractions or just for a break. I took them to Disney a few years ago by plane, so that is another option for a longer trip!

  •   -   01/09/2019

    It depends on if we see flying or driving. Our average drive time for vacations is 6-7 hours. By plane, we usually only go about 2 hours or less.

  •   -   01/11/2019

    I'd say any longer than 3 hours on a plane would be super tough. I did Dallas to LA this fall just me and my toddler and it was just over three hours. It was DIFFICULT. Just hard to keep them entertained that long! But 2 hour flights seem much more doable. As far as road tripping, we haven't tried that yet but I'm guessing 3 hours in a car would be easier because you don't have to worry about tight spaces and other people!

  •   -   01/14/2019

    Our favorite and most frequented destination is about a three hour drive and that's good for me. We've done longer trips a few times but the kids get antsy. My younger boy can't sleep in the car, he gets very uncomfortable and sick, so we drive only in the day. They have so much energy that it's tough to keep them strapped in for five daytime hours.

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