How do you handle your picky eaters?

My son won't eat cheese! CHEESE!!! The rest of our family loves cheese! I'm not sure he's really ours because of it! Ha-ha-ha! He doesn't have a dairy intolerance or allergy. He just doesn't like it and refuses to eat anything with cheese. I have plenty of other friends who have picky eaters in their family too, and finding meals our picky eaters will eat is always a challenge.

How do you deal with kiddos that refuse to eat certain things?

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  •   -   04/13/2018

    Sometimes my kids will eat the same meal, which is great, and sometimes they won't so I end up making two different things because otherwise it is a major production. Each one has their own foods they won't touch (one won't touch tomatoes or tuna but loves Cheerios) (the other loves tuna hoagies, tomatoes and guacamole but is repulsed by Cheerios) so I just work around it.

  •   -   04/15/2018

    Ugh! This is the story of my life! I have one good eater out of three. My youngest won't touch a vegetable...any! I sneak veggies into smoothies or muffins for her. I find myself sometimes making four different meals at dinnertime and hate myself for it. I told myself I'd never do that yet here I am. I hope they start trying things as they get older but who knows.

    •   -   06/18/2018

      I was about to type the same exact thing - story of my life! I have three as well and so far my 1 year old is a decent year, but I don't have high hopes given the extreme pickiness of the older two. I try to have something on the plate that I know they'll eat and the goal is one dinner for all, but their rotation is so boring for me that I sometimes cook something different for me and the baby! (Husband is never home for dinner)

      •   -   06/19/2018

        Glad to hear I’m not alone. The struggle is real!

  •   -   04/13/2018

    My middle child will not eat vegetables at all. But she loves tomato sauce over pasta so I add veggies to the sauce. It is super easy with a food processor to chop up veggies and put them into a sauce.

  •   -   05/03/2018

    I should say, the goal is to only make one meal. My daughter is just now being introduced to solid foods and seems to like everything she tries, so I'm hoping it won't be too hard to have her eat whatever we're eating! I can't imagine bringing more children in to the mix though- it seems like everyone has at lease one picky eater! :)

    •   -   05/06/2018

      I hope your daughter sticks with it. Once mine became toddlers they definitely started having their own opinion on what they wil eat and what they won't.

  •   -   10/03/2018

    Mostly my kids aren't super picky eaters. But, when they are, I know they will always eat mac and cheese - so I finely chop veggies and chicken/ham and through it into the mac and cheese. They either don't notice or don't complain.

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