How do you feel about direct sales parties (Facebook or in-home)?

It seems that there are many opportunities to shop direct sales these days - books, clothing, cleaning supplies, storage solutions, and more! How do you feel when a Facebook or in-home party invite lands in your inbox?

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  •   -   04/06/2019

    I hate to admit it, but I don’t like being invited to these parties. Even though they say no pressure to buy, you always feel the pressure. If I want something, I’d rather contact the consultant to order.

  •   -   04/08/2019

    I do not like being invited to these types of parties either. Usually they are for products that I would never be interested in and there is always peer pressure to buy. Lately I have seen more "online only" parties which is easier to ignore than being invited to someone's house.

  •   -   04/12/2019

    I much prefer when consultants post video demonstrations of their products, or post before and after pics, or get a conversation going on a post about how people are seeing results, etc. I'm more likely to purchase something if they're just passionately showing how it works for their life....and I can reach out to them if I need or want it, too.

  •   -   04/11/2019

    do do do doot do doo If you're my friend then you'll buy this ...Just reading this question got this song back in my

    •   -   04/11/2019

      Ha, I hadn't seen this before! I didn't realize how many different companies there are. Wow.

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