How did your child find their special 'lovie'?

Most kids fall in love with one special item, like a blanket, stuffed animal, or doll. How did your child find theirs?

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  •   -   02/08/2018

    My kids never really got attached to a lovie. I, on the other hand, may or may not have brought my baby blanket to college with me...

  •   -   04/17/2018

    My 7 year old son has a stuffed dog named Sam that is literally attached to him. It was on a shelf at home and he pointed to it at age 8 months and the rest is history. He is so innocent. I love how he thinks he is going to bring it to work when he is an adult or still sleep with it when he is in college. But his attachment to it is so strong, that maybe he will. Where he goes, Sam goes day and night.

  •   -   02/08/2018

    My older two children never had one. My youngest who is five still has the same one when she was a baby. My friend gave it to her when she was born. It's a Minnie Mouse one.

  •   -   02/08/2018

    I had a friend whose baby fell in love with a silky blankie. My first born was a newborn and didn't really have anything. I liked the idea of the blankie and know that kids sometimes lose their special lovies. So I went to the fabric store and decided to make him a blankie (actually 3)! He loved it and as he got older it comforted him when sleeping. When my other two kids came along, I made their blankies before they were born. They also loved theirs. We've lost a few over the years, but at ages 9, 7 and 5, they all still sleep with their blankies.

  •   -   02/09/2018

    My oldest has a Carter's Child of Mine blue stuffed dog and Ty beanie bunny that he treasures, as well as a Gymboree blanket that is still in excellent condition after 9 years. My youngest has a white, now grey stuffed dog named Sam that he still takes everywhere, including to school in his backpack and insists he will one day bring to college.

  •   -   03/30/2018

    My son wasn't attached to a stuffed toy until the age of 3 when he saw his cousin sleeping with few of them in her bed! My daughter always cuddle brown doggie and fall asleep, she got it as gift from a family friend.

  •   -   02/09/2018

    My cousin bought a whole bunch of flat cotton diaper cloths and alway held one while she nursed. Later, her son was comforted by just having one near him. Super cheap and replaceable.

  •   -   02/13/2018

    My daughter is just starting to form an attachment with her baby doll that someone purchased for her. We're hoping to replace that with something a little softer for keeping in the crib with her....but right now it's hard to say no to the request for "beeeeebeeeee"!

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