I've got a VERY gassy newborn on my hands, and it seems like everyone I've talked to has a different recommendation on how to help him find relief. If you dealt with a gassy baby, what did you find most helpful?

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  •   -   09/11/2019

    My baby had frequent tummy pain because of gas even despite my strict diet. Bicycling the legs helped, and I also made feet massage. It did wonders, and I still use it for relieving different types of pain (here I describe which feet zones should be massaged marvelmama.net) Really, you should try it

    •   -   09/11/2019

      I’ve had three gassy babies and am expecting #4 to be so as well. I’d never heard about foot massages for gassiness before and will definitely be giving it a try!!

  •   -   09/04/2018

    Definitely a combination of many of these (bicycling legs, massaging, burping) but Milicon used to work wonders with my baby!

    •   -   09/11/2018

      We did the same years ago...a little bit of everything but Milicon was our #1 go to!

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