Have you traveled internationally with your kids?

Have you ever been outside the US with your kiddos? Traveling internationally can be a great experience, but it's often daunting for those of us who've never been outside the lower 48!

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  •   -   02/12/2019

    Traveling internationally with my kids is not on my radar at the moment. There are enough places we want to visit in the US, many of which are in driving distance. This makes packing and getting around much easier. However, maybe in about five years when they are teens, I will revisit international travel.

    •   -   02/12/2019

      I agree, Sue. We have so many US locations still to see and we can drive to that international destinations are a low priority at point.

  •   -   02/12/2019

    My brother- and sister-in-law live in Australia and I would love to visit them but I cannot fathom doing that trip with the kids just yet. I still hold my breath that we make it through a three hour domestic flight. My kids just aren't ready to be in travel mode for that long.

    •   -   02/18/2019

      That flight would be TOUGH with little ones! And the jet lag too, with that crazy time difference!

      •   -   02/20/2019

        Right?! I cannot even wrap my head around how we would do it with all those logistics. I'm grateful my in-laws aren't pushing us to come visit.

  •   -   02/12/2019

    Theoretically, I'd love to travel internationally with my kiddos, but I'm hoping other parents have some insight on how to manage not only expectations, but also the packing, schlepping stuff, flying, and everything else!

  •   -   02/12/2019

    We've taken our kids on a few international cruises, which is such a fun & easy way to travel outside the US with kids. We haven't had the time/money to fly internationally with them, but I imagine that would be more difficult. Switching time zones would definitely throw my little ones for a loop!

  •   -   02/13/2019

    Definitely want to do with the kids, but when they are older and can appreciate things more.

  •   -   02/18/2019

    I'm still on the fence about taking my 18 mo old daughter on a family trip to Italy! It will entirely change the trip but I'm not sure who I feel comfortable leaving her with for 8 days since my parents are coming on the trip too!

  •   -   02/25/2019

    My in-laws are in Germany so we've been there multiple times, but only once since we had our third child - my 23 month old. It's definitely tough and I think I'd wait until our kids were older if I had that option, but we survive! I have many friends that travel internationally regularly though.

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