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  •   -   03/13/2019

    We've done all of these things. We got the hospital ones for our first 3 babes and have also used a professional photographer outside of the hospital a couple times. And, of course, we've taken our own as well. I just love capturing the beauty of these first days when they're so tiny and squishy. :)

  •   -   03/19/2019

    Loved the photographer at our hospital who would come in and take our newborn pictures. It was easy and quick and didn't cost a fortune. Thankfully all three of my kids pictures turned out great!

  •   -   03/21/2019

    I love having professional pictures done of my kids. We've had newborn photos taken with every child and also photos around Christmas and at 1 year birthdays. I'll slow down once they're older!

  •   -   04/17/2019

    We didn't but I wish we did! My sister had twins last year and did the hospital photos which turned out great! I loved all the poses and props the photographer used.

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