Have you ever used a child leash?

When my daughter was a toddler, she could escape my clutches in a flash and run away, sometimes almost running into the street! I bought a cute puppy backpack-style child leash so I could safely keep her with me.

I had no idea a child leash was such a controversial item! I got many dirty looks and several nasty comments when using it. For the record, my daughter didn't mind it at all, and it worked great for us!

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  •   -   03/04/2019

    We used one for a brief amount of time with our older son also around 2 when our second was born and we were going to busy places. I don't recall getting any dirty looks but it was worthwhile for us for that brief window of time when he was into bolting away. We all do the best we can, no need for the judgment especially when it's your child's safety in mind!

  •   -   03/03/2019

    I didn't but I definitely considered it. My older son, just 2 when my younger one was born, was a runner and for a while it was hard to take the two of them out by myself because I worried he would bolt if he was out of the stroller.

  •   -   03/06/2019

    I was pregnant with my daughter when we took my son (2 years old) to Disney. The leash was a lifesaver in keeping him from running off into a crowd.

  •   -   03/09/2019

    I didn’t have any “runners” as toddlers so we never had the need to, but I did have friends with kids like that so I totally get it. Got to do what you got to do sometimes!

  •   -   03/14/2019

    We never did with either of our kids but they were generally good with stay with us. I would not have been against it though if I needed it!

  •   -   03/14/2019

    We haven't used one. I remember that my mom used one with my younger sister for a little while. Our two-year old is a firecracker, so I'm not ruling out the possibility that it could be a helpful option for us at some point!

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