Does your local library charge late fees?

In the last few areas where we have lived, our public libraries have done away with fines for late returns. We are heavy library users and I personally love that this takes the pressure off of me to manage when everything is due, but I'll admit that I often end up returning things a few days late. Do your libraries charge late fees?

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  •   -   01/30/2019

    I'm terrible about returning books on time, so I consistently have a sizeable fine. At least it supports a worthy cause! (That's what I keep telling myself, anyway...)

    •   -   01/30/2019

      And think about the money you've saved in the long run by borrowing instead of buying!

    •   -   02/03/2019

      That's how I feel. If I have to pay it feels better that I'm paying money that helps to keep my library running and hosting great programs.

  •   -   01/30/2019

    This is such a timely poll question [rushes off to search for all the books that are due TODAY].

    •   -   01/30/2019

      Don't forget to check under the beds! :)

  •   -   01/30/2019

    I am SO happy that our library took away the late fees. We are not the best at returning them on time. I did lose a small kids book in the past six months, looked everywhere and couldn't find it. Even though I wasn't going to be charged the fee, I felt so guilty that we lost it and decided to just pay the fee. The librarian was so nice and told me that I actually don't have to pay until my balance reaches $10.

  •   -   01/30/2019

    Our network of libraries does charge late fees after a 1 day grace period. I try to keep up with what I have out to avoid fees but we use different libraries and check books on different days so it's hard to keep up. But at least one library will wipe out fines around Thanksgiving in exchange for donating non-perishable food items

  •   -   02/17/2019

    Our library does charge a fine but they will have at least one time a year where you can donate items for the food pantry in lieu of fines. I'm actually pretty good on remembering to return books or renew on time but I think a major factor is that our library's system is set up to send an email reminder a couple of days before an item is due.

    •   -   02/18/2019

      I love those emails too. And our library automatically renews items for you when the due date is drawing near, as long as there isn’t a wait list.

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