Does your family wear shoes in the house?

We have trained our kids (and ourselves) to always remove shoes at the front door and try to politely request this of most guests as well. The stories we have heard about what gets tracked into the house are pretty gross, and especially disturbing when we had crawling babies on the floor. I’m wondering if others have a similar rule!

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  •   -   05/05/2018

    I voted no because 4 out of 5 of us take off our shoes when we come inside. I guess I am the exception to the rule. I need support on my feet at home because I feel like I am always on my feet during the day. During the winter I have slippers that (mostly) stay indoors and during the summer I have slides that (mostly) stay indoors. My feet thank me at the end of the day! :)

  •   -   05/05/2018

    When we had carpet, we never wore shoes inside- thanks to a study I read about all the bacteria that grows. Even with wood flooring now, it's nice not to have to clean constantly!

  •   -   05/05/2018

    My German husband and family have "house shoes" aka slippers that are worn in the house and then street shoes. They would never dream of an outdoor shoe crossing the threshold and I feel the same way now!

  •   -   05/06/2018

    I grew up in a house where we wore shoes in the house, but my husband did not. I switched over to the no-shoes rule particularly when our kids were little and crawling on the floors. Now I'm a complete convert and we also have "indoor" shoes or slippers we wear for support or warmth in the winter time.

  •   -   05/07/2018

    The outdoor shoes' trip ends in the kitchen! and no stepping on carpet with shoes on! these are the two shoes' rules in our house! Even the dog knows to clean her paws before she is welcomed in the living room!

  •   -   05/14/2020

    I'm old school Hispanic, so we wear shoes or slippers most of the time. It's definitely a cultural thing, though removing your dirty shoes when you come-in definitely makes sense, it's just not our custom.

  •   -   06/05/2018

    These results are surprising to me! I've toyed with the idea of going to "No Shoes Inside," but didn't realize that was such a popular choice with other families.

  •   -   01/29/2021

    We are a no outside shoes in the house. We grew up on a farm. Those shoes are disgusting. Then, when moving to the city, I noticed all the trash, spitting, etc. So the no outside shoes in remains. I now have a Fitbit and during Covid walk miles inside the house. I bought yoga shoes and placed an arch support. Works wonders.

  •   -   05/07/2018

    I grew up with no shoes in the house and try to maintain that with the family. I don't make guests take them off unless it's been raining or snowy but I do a good vacuum after company leaves.

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