Does your family stay active or exercise together?

Teaching our children to lead a healthy and active lifestyle is a top priority for our family. Staying active through exercise or playing sports is something we encourage our kids to do each day. It's not always easy to convince them to head outside to play a sport, go for a walk, a run or other exercise. Doing these activities together seems to be a great motivation for our kids so a lot of times we are active together. Does your family exercise together?

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  •   -   07/24/2018

    The best I can do right now with an infant is putting her in her stroller and going on walks as a family, and we try to do that as much as possible- when it's not 115 degrees outside like it is this week! (Why, Texas, why?!?!)

  •   -   07/23/2018

    We love to go places and do activities like walking and swimming, but it's harder when we're at home. I'd love to get our family consistently active together, even on lazy days around the house.

    •   -   07/24/2018

      Same!! Especially as our kids get older, my husband and I are trying to work family walks or trips to the pool into our routine. But gathering the troops for a little active recreation during the week often proves to be a more challenging task than I would expect!

  •   -   07/23/2018

    Our family loves to hike. You can often find us on the trail every weekend during the summertime. My youngest (5.5) complains a little, but she’s building up her stamina. We also love to take walks or bike rides in the neighborhood, shoot baskets or throw the baseball/softball together.

  •   -   08/12/2018

    I have my own workout time, but we do plan trips to the YMCA during the winter months to use the pool and during the summer we sometimes all ride our bikes around the neighborhood. Both of our boys get so busy with sports during the school year that it takes up most of our time with practices and games.

  •   -   07/22/2018

    I tend to workout on my own, on my home spinning bike most days as my real, regular workout. But my kids and I also go to the YMCA to swim together and play together at the playground, which sometimes includes racing around the track. So it is both, but I don't like to depend on a workout with my kids since it doesn't happen every day.

    •   -   07/23/2018

      I agree to working out alone! It is my de-stress time!

  •   -   08/30/2018

    We go for bike rides together! The kids love it, and I think it helps to model fitness/self-care for them in a really fun way.

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