Does your family get flu shots?

My kids started getting flu shots 5 years ago due to them having asthma. I was never one to get a flu shot but did last year only to show my kids that it doesn't hurt (they are not great patients!) With flu season approaching, I'm wondering if other families get flu shots.

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  •   -   10/03/2018

    I never really got them before having kids, but now I do. The flu is no fun and I'd much rather avoid getting it and (more importantly) giving it to my daughter!

  •   -   10/12/2018

    My husband swears that every time he gets the flu shot he gets the flu (it has happened before). I usually get the shot with my kids but he definitely doesn’t.

  •   -   01/09/2019

    In past years we only had our daughter with asthma get a flu shot. This year I decided to have everyone get it. So far, so healthy!

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