Does your family do "Elf on the Shelf"?

According to my children, "everyone" at their school does Elf on the Shelf each year leading up to Christmas except us! They feel like they are missing out and are begging us to get one this year....I'm reluctant to start this tradition. What are your thoughts? Does your family enjoy Elf on the Shelf?

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  •   -   10/15/2018

    Yes, ugh. But our Elf is lazy and often times does not move around much.

    •   -   10/16/2018

      Our elf puts in for vacation days once a week between his arrival on Black Friday and Christmas. He needs one day a week to chill.

      •   -   10/16/2018

        That is awesome! Ours broke his leg so he had a doctor's note not to move for awhile.

  •   -   10/17/2018

    This is a tradition we never adopted, and I have no regrets! December is sooo hectic as is. I don't know how you mammas remember to move that elf every night.

    •   -   11/16/2018

      Phone alert reminder! Otherwise I'd never remember.

    •   -   10/25/2018

      Ugh it’s not easy and sometimes the elf doesn’t move because he/she was “too tired to fly all the way back to the North Pole”.

  •   -   10/15/2018

    I bring out the Elf on Black Friday. The kids get a kick out of it, and I think they still believe it moves around by itself. I try to make it do some crazy things or play with their toys, but nothing like the extravagant pictures online. I also have the Elf give them some gifts like pajamas or a book. The Elf also gives them a Gingerbread House to make each year...which reinforces it is real because clearly I would never buy them that much

    •   -   10/16/2018

      Wow can you elf come to our house? He sounds way better than ours!

  •   -   10/16/2018

    This is a great poll! I am thinking of introducing the elf! I have heard it gets good behavioral results :)

  •   -   10/25/2018

    I definitely have a love/hate relationship with the elf. I do love seeing my kids react to the things he does, but moving him every night is a pain. Our elf usually does some fun stuff but this year we have a puppy so I’m thinking Elfie might need to take a break from the crazy stuff so the dog doesn’t eat him. Ha!

  •   -   12/10/2018

    Lord help me. May the Elf on the Shelf be out of style as soon as possible. I think it would drive me insane! :)

  •   -   12/30/2018

    This is the first year that we welcomed an Elf on the Shelf into our house for the month of December. Our son is in kindergarten and he learned about the Elf on the Shelf from classmates and wondered why we didn't have one. My husband stepped up for Elf on the Shelf duties, and the kids had a blast with it.

  •   -   12/08/2022

    Now I do not have the "original" Elf on The Shelf but I do have a plush like Elf on The Shelf that I usually just set out for decorations every year but I think I am going to start using that one to do the deeds.. if you know what I mean lol ;)

  •   -   12/20/2022

    I’d never even heard of this tradition until one of my kids learned about it at school, and even then didn’t fully understand how into it some families get! We never got an elf, but the idea of hiding and moving a Christmas toy around for the kids to find each day seemed fun, so we took a stuffed snowman that would randomly find itself in silly places around the house most (not all!) days leading up to Christmas. This chill version of Elf on the Shelf worked well for our family - the kids had fun hunting for our special Christmas toy each day (and were totally ok if he stayed in the same place a night two in a row), without me feeling like I had to be super creative or consistent moving him each night.

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