Does your child's school require school uniforms?

School uniform policies are becoming an upward trend in U.S. schools. Some studies find the advantages to uniforms include easier mornings for kids, parents tend to spend less money on school clothes, and even less bullying at school. The downside is that students may feel that uniforms detract from their individuality and many do not enjoy wearing school uniforms. Let us know what your child's school does, and comment to let us know your thoughts!

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  •   -   07/25/2018

    I wore uniforms throughout most of my school years, and it really did make getting ready in the morning much easier (especially in high school). We are moving my kids this year to a school that does require uniforms, and despite still feeling some sticker shock over the investment cost, I'm really looking forward to it! My kids are going to need some convincing, though...

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