There are lots of good reasons to purchase organic groceries, especially if you are concerned about the environment and your family's exposure to pesticides and hormones used in conventional farming. However, eating organic often comes with a steep price tag, and I often find myself grabbing sale items one week and pricier organic items the next. What works in your family?

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  •   -   09/27/2018

    If I can find an organic option that's comparable in price, I'll go for that. But I can't justify the extra expense of going fully organic in my grocery budget for now, as much as I'd like to!

  •   -   09/27/2018

    I would love to go full organic but in truth it's expensive and not super practical for me! So we do buy organic when we can but I don't stress about it!

    •   -   12/27/2018

      We're the same way. I'm a big believer in the principles, but I pick and choose when purchasing more than I like to admit.

  •   -   10/03/2018

    I have been really excited to see that there is finally more competition in the organic food world (to drive the costs down). For example, Aldi recently decided to make a push for all organic.

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