Do your kids do educational workbooks over the summer?

I'm sure I can't be the only parent of school age kids who struggles every summer break to strike a balance between letting the kids have fun and keeping them from forgetting everything they learned in school that year. Activity books can be a great way to keep them learning, but getting the kids to sit down and do them can be a challenge. Do you have your kids complete traditional educational workbooks (math, writing, letter formation, etc) over the summer?

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  •   -   06/10/2019

    Our school hands out a book called “Brain Games” at the end of the year. I make my kids complete that book, but find it to be a struggle as they get older. The reward for competing Brain Games is the kids get to pick out a free book at the fall book fair.

  •   -   06/18/2019

    We don’t really use workbooks, but we try to foster greater creativity in our children’s preferred interests. For example, we allow extra time for our daughter to write stories, or our son can create his own music or math games. We also are developing family board games together. Basically, we try educational activities outside the expectations of school. Hopefully, it will foster a greater love of those areas!

  •   -   08/03/2021

    We do workbooks and reading time each summer weekday. Reading is part of the afternoon quiet time. Most afternoons we have quiet time amber the kids typically sit under a tree and read.

  •   -   07/08/2021

    We do workbooks, worksheets and everything in between. I make it fun and part of our weekly activities. My daughter loves school and enjoys keeping her brain working over the summer. We also focus on lots of reading. Right now we are doing the summer reading challenge at our library and they have tasks, activities and small prizes so my daughter is super excited about it.

  •   -   06/21/2022

    We home school and noticed taking extended periods of time off really knocks them off track. Summer isn't any different from any other time of the year for us, except the time of day we go outside to learn. In the summer it's in the morning before the sun's heat makes it unbearable and in the winter we go out in the afternoon instead of the cold morning.

  •   -   05/24/2019

    Mine do not. I want them to enjoy their summer away from school. However, I do require they read for a certain percentage of the week and my middle child actually joined a book club with her friends which worked out really well last year.

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