Do your children help you plan meals for the week?

When my kids were younger, I handled all of the meal planning myself. Now that my kids are a bit older, they love to help me plan our meals for the upcoming week. We have fun looking up new recipes, looking at our calendar and making a grocery list together. Do you have your kiddos help with planning your weekly meals?

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  •   -   07/22/2018

    I wouldn't say my boys exactly help with planning, but they will absolutely tell me what they want and don't want each day before I make dinner. It does help though, knowing what they like and don't like, for meal planning and shopping.

  •   -   07/25/2018

    I only solicit meal ideas from my kids when I am open to serving waffles or tacos for dinner!

    •   -   07/25/2018

      I think my kids would do well in your least with the waffles!

  •   -   07/23/2018

    Meal planning = my worst nightmare! I have picky eaters who don’t usually eat what is served for dinner so I do not include them in meal planning. I think if I asked all three of my kids what they want for dinner that week they would say pizza EVERY NIGHT!

  •   -   07/31/2018

    My big kids tend to complain about what I make. This summer I've had my 13 and 11 yr olds each take over dinner one night per week. They choose the menu, help me shop for ingredients, and I assist them in making it. My favorite part is complaining about dinner as they serve me (just kidding!!!).

  •   -   11/02/2021

    In the cooler months I make a huge pot of soup on Sunday. The kids help with chopping veggies. Then it is in the frig all week. Some take it in a thermos for lunch and some pick that over what I'm making for dinner. It allows some wiggle room for my picky eaters but keeps me from being a short order chef.

  •   -   09/24/2022

    We give everyone in the family a chance to pick one of our family meals for the week (though we sometimes have to exercise parental veto power!), and also make sure to choose at least one or two meals we know our pickiest eaters always eat. That way mom and dad don't have to figure out every single meal, and we know that everyone will have something they like *most* nights of the week!

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