Do your children have their own bedrooms?

As a child, I remember wishing more than anything to have my own bedroom (who wants to share with a little sister!?). As I got older and our family moved, I finally got my wish...only to find that having my own bedroom was kind of lonely. My sisters and I would frequently take turns having "sleepovers" in each other's rooms.

My own kids started off sharing a bedroom with a sibling, and as they are getting older (and as we have space in our house) we've been moving them into their own rooms. What works for your family?

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  •   -   03/22/2018

    My boys share. They started when we lived in a smaller house and sharing gave us more play space. We've since moved to a bigger house but they still insist on sharing, even when they're fighting so badly I want them on separate floors of the house. I'm sure at some point they'll ask to split up but for now I'm relishing the love they have for sharing a room.

    •   -   03/25/2018

      We have a very similar story. My boys shared in our old house, then when we moved, they had the option of having their own rooms but still wanted to share. Now at almost 10 and 8, they still enjoy sharing. It does get a little challenging when they both get sent to their rooms. My oldest goes in the guest bedroom and younger one goes in their shared room. I'm cherishing the moments they spend together because I know in a couple years the oldest will be asking for his own room.

    •   -   03/31/2018

      This is encouraging! I'm pregnant now with boy #2, and they'll be sharing a room for the foreseeable future. I was the kind of kid who needed my own space, so I've been a little apprehensive about it. I hope it ends up being a great way for them to bond instead of a point of contention!

      •   -   03/31/2018

        I hope it works out well for you! Congrats on the baby!

  •   -   03/22/2018

    My girls each have their own bedroom, and also share a Jack and Jill walk-thru bathroom. They can choose to open their door – or not!

  •   -   03/26/2018

    The time outs in the bedroom are definitely a challenge when both are in trouble. Lately if only one gets sent to their bedroom the other one has an urgent need for something up there. Depending on the day and the cause of the time out, the child not in trouble wants to go to his room to either gloat or keep his brother company!

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