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  •   -   11/08/2018

    Haha. Um. No. ;) With my oldest, I did wash everything when he was a baby. And I do plan to wash the clothes that I've been storing for the last 6 years before our new arrival joins us soon. I know--Mom of the Year right here, you don't have to say it. ;) Otherwise, no, I don't wash new clothes before they wear them. Sometimes I take the tags off for them, though.

    •   -   11/08/2018

      Honestly, sensitive skin runs in my family and my kids are no exception! I started washing because I’m worried about chemicals from the factory... though I’m not sure that’s even a thing!?

      •   -   11/09/2018

        Yes, I keep thinking there might be chemicals to wash off, too, but with no idea how that got in my mind!! I have a vague memory of a friend who worked in retail telling me so, but have never really followed up on this less-than-definitive source of information!

        •   -   12/10/2018

          Apparently some manufacturers use finishing chemicals to prevent mold growth during shipping, plus the excess dye in new clothes can irritate some people's skin. thespruce.com

  •   -   11/06/2018

    I always wash everything first, except for heavier coats. I personally don't like to wear anything without washing it, so I'm passing that habit on to my kids!

  •   -   11/06/2018

    I typically don't wash new items for kids but have read articles that say people should, since many may try them on. But I feel a lot of kids clothes don't get tried on in the store. If I buy second-hand, they go right in the wash immediately.

  •   -   11/05/2018

    I'd love to hear more from others on how strict they are about washing new clothes before use. I try to do it with most clothes, but the clothes get worn out so quickly! I have laid off the practice with sweaters and nicer clothes that I fear sending through the wash...

    •   -   11/05/2018

      Exactly!! I am less strict with outer wear and nicer items that are more likely to get worn in the wash, though I generally try to wash most things before they wear them!

  •   -   11/06/2018

    I always washed new clothes when the kids were babies and young toddlers, but stopped probably by age 4.

    •   -   11/06/2018

      I would agree with this. I know my boys (10 and 8) are going to have their new clothes dirty within minutes of wearing something from playing outside or at school so I don’t usually wash before.

      •   -   11/06/2018

        Boys + new clothes = guaranteed to be dirty, ripped or stained on the first wear.

        •   -   01/01/2019

          Every time! I feel like my second son always looks a bit disheveled because he mostly wears his brother's stained stuff...

        •   -   11/07/2018

          Shoes are the worst! I can’t even count the number of shoes we go through a year.

          •   -   01/02/2019

            My older son destroys sneakers. He got a new pair two weeks ago and they look like they're months old already.

  •   -   01/03/2019

    I hope it's okay to have added "sometimes" to the poll options. For my family it really depends on what article of clothing it is and how I think it will fair in the washing machine. I was always taught to wash undergarments before wear, as well as all the baby's clothes. But as for everything else, it's an in-the-moment decision that generally ends up with it not being washed before first wear.

  •   -   11/23/2019

    Yes! Unless I buy it in an emergency situation, where he got sick or something in the store and had to have it fast!

    •   -   11/24/2019

      Exactly! Or it ends up being colder than expected and we need to buy a sweater or outerwear while we are out. It’s possible this has happened to us before... 😊

  •   -   11/14/2022

    Sometimes. It really depends on where I purchased them from honestly.

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