Do you use dry shampoo to save time? If so, do you have a favorite type?

There are just some days that we never have enough time. Thankfully, the invention of dry shampoo can save me a lot of time! It took a while, but I found a brand that works for me, do you have a favorite brand?

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  •   -   08/20/2018

    I shampoo my hair about 3 times a week and use conditioner to rinse through the other days. I shower after working out so am always sweaty and I don't think dry shampoo would work for me because I wouldn't feel totally clean. I guess it could come in handy if I didn't work out and didn't want to wash or condition my hair, but I am honestly not sure how it works.

    •   -   08/21/2018

      I agree! I am so sweaty after working out that I feel like I have to shampoo or condition my hair in the shower. I don't think it would work well for me either.

      •   -   08/21/2018

        It definitely doesn't give you that super clean feeling of freshly washed hair, but it absorbs the grease at your roots to make you look cleaner than you are ;) A shower cap and dry shampoo keep me looking mostly presentable during those super busy weeks.

  •   -   08/20/2018

    I use it occasionally - I have a lot of hair so washing and styling it daily is time consuming. It definitely helps when I don't have time to do the whole blow dry routine...eliminates any extra shine/greasiness at the roots. I've tried several brands - so far my favorite has been Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair Dry Cleaning Spray.

  •   -   08/21/2018

    I use it and love it! My hair is thick and naturally curly and takes about an hour to blow dry straight. I try to get three days out of a blow dry and dry shampoo helps get me through day three and, I'll be honest, occasionally a day four.

  •   -   08/27/2018

    I love Living Proof's Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo! I actually use dry shampoo the night before I know I'm not going to wash my hair - I think it gives the product more time to absorb and works better than when I apply it in the morning. I also love to use it before an event to keep hair looking fresh all day. A must have product for me!

    •   -   08/31/2018

      Great suggestion! I haven't considered using it the night before, but I'm going to try it. I have dark hair, so it can look kinda dusty when i first use it. I bet this would help with that.

  •   -   08/20/2018

    I have always been intrigued by the concept of dry shampoo but have never tried it.

  •   -   09/23/2021

    I got a travel sized Not Your Mother's Clean Freak Dry Shampoo for camping, and found it works really well for my hair! I use it every once in awhile on mornings when I am in a rush. It's great for absorbing oil and adding back volume.

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