Do you purchase your child's class picture every year?

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  •   -   09/24/2018

    The class picture is the main reason I get the school pictures every year. I want to save them for my kids to have when they are older. Someone brought a bunch of my elementary school class pictures to our 20th reunion and it was awesome to see them.

    •   -   09/25/2018

      What, you don't treasure those awkward terrible background portraits of yourself from every year? I have all of mine from growing up and I'm buying them all for my kids too!

      •   -   09/25/2018

        Haha! I kind of hope they bring back the laser background from when I was in school. That background was awesome in that 90s everything neon way and my mom never let me get it! I would totally choose it for my kids one year and order her giant size prints of it.

        •   -   10/06/2018

          My oldest has the worst picture this year - he doesn't know how to smile naturally - and he demanded that I buy a coffee cup with his class picture on it!

      •   -   10/02/2018

        Don't forget the terrible haircuts, too!

  •   -   09/28/2018

    My oldest is very sentimental and loves to look at his class pictures all the time. I agree with others, it will be fun to look at years from now. I love looking at mine elementary school pictures still!

  •   -   09/27/2018

    Our oldest is in kindergarten, and I did get his preschool class pictures for the first two years. Now that we have two in school, and eventually four in school, I had to stop and think about whether I ultimately need a stack of 44 class pictures. They are definitely fun to see, but I don't think we will continue buying them. I do get their individual pictures, but I just order the digital image in my never-ending quest to reduce the amount of "stuff" we have, lol.

  •   -   10/04/2018

    We get a small picture package each fall with the class pic, but I draw the line at spring pictures!

  •   -   10/10/2022

    I make sure to at least purchase a small package or digital package so I am able to look back on the memories or their growth for each year. I do the same with their sports

  •   -   09/25/2022

    I like to get the smallest package they offer - mostly for the class photo, but also because those school portraits are so uniquely hilarious and adorable! If I know they'll be getting a yearbook with those same photos in it, though, I usually take a pass.

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