Do you provide a baby gift from the registry or your own idea?

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  •   -   06/14/2018

    I like to get something off the registry and then maybe add a little something that we've found useful, but it's a huge pet peeve when I've received nothing from my registry from someone, because often the items were clothing, and we had a ton of hand me downs so I didn't need clothes!

    •   -   06/29/2018

      I agree completely! We're in a season of life where there are more gifts required to give than money to spend on them (everybody is getting married and having babies!!), so I tend to DIY a lot. But I try to still purchase something small from the registry in addition to my handmade gift. And I always check the registry to see what kind of décor, colors, or styles they prefer so I can make something that fits their preferences!

  •   -   06/13/2018

    I am not too creative so I always go off registeries. I will add though that one of my friends bought items not on my registry and all of her items I used and I never considered registering for them.

  •   -   08/28/2018

    Registry for sure. There’s a reason people are asking for these items.

  •   -   09/28/2018

    I like to give a gift from the registry, as that is what the parents have already picked out so you can't go wrong. I also like to add a well loved book for the baby!

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