Do you make or buy your kids’ Halloween costumes?

My kids love Halloween and plan months in advance! So I am curious if you usually make their Halloween costumes or buy them in stores?

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  •   -   08/24/2018

    I have always wanted to make my kids' costumes but with the work involved and their indecisiveness, we always wind up grabbing something off the rack. Of course, all that matters in the end is that they're happy about it! Costumes always become dress-up material later, so that's a plus!

    •   -   08/24/2018

      My youngest was an astronaut last year with the white space suit. He has worn it all the time over the past year because he loves space so much. This year he wants to be an astronaut again, with the orange space suit. He'll have choices now when he wants to dress up all year long!

      •   -   08/26/2018

        Those astronaut suits are adorable! I wish I could’ve talked my boys into that when they were younger.

  •   -   08/23/2018

    We buy whenever possible, but sometimes my kids will really get their hearts set on a the year my son wanted to be an ant. Turns out, not a lot of kids want to dress up like ants, so we had to make that sucker!

    •   -   08/23/2018

      Wow super creative! I love that idea!

      •   -   08/23/2018

        We didn't love it while we were trying to figure out how to make an ant costume, but it ended up being really cute! Especially because my husband dressed up like a picnic table to match...the father-son costume was quite a hit! :)

        •   -   08/24/2018

          This sounds awesome. So clever!

        •   -   08/25/2018

          That's adorable!

  •   -   08/23/2018

    I have never been a crafty person, and I salute parents who make their kids costumes. But luckily my kids pick costumes that are easily bought like superheroes, army men, astronauts, ninja, and when they were little, I picked the super cute animal costumes. I guess it helps that we only look online and in-store for costumes to buy. I don't know if they realize that homemade costumes are an option for some kids?!

    •   -   08/23/2018

      Ha I get it! Both my parents went to art school so they always made our costumes growing up. However, my creativity came in the form of writing and not costuming!

  •   -   08/24/2018

    I try to buy costumes after Halloween on sale for the next year. That worked well when my kids were youger, but as they got older they had strong opinions on what they want and don’t want to be. We mostly buy costumes but I may make something to supplement the costume.

  •   -   08/23/2018

    Ah, Pinterest is both my best friend and my worst enemy in this area. I love making the kids costumes, but I also recognize that I can't always do that x4 for four kids. Last year we made two and bought two and that worked well for me!

  •   -   09/04/2018

    It's easy for me because my son dresses up like a Storm Trooper along with his dad who goes as Darth Vader.... every. single. year. We just look for the next size up when necessary. I am waiting to see if my daughter wants in on the Star Wars action (she's only 2).

    •   -   09/05/2018

      So cute!!!! And, Star Wars is so popular at all ages that they can really carry this tradition for years if they want to!!

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