Do you make family New Year's Resolutions?

One of my friends makes a New Year's Resolution as a family every year. I had never thought about this. So this year, I think we will make one as one of our New Year's Eve activities. Does anyone else set family goals for "the new year?"

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  •   -   12/06/2018

    My kids and I will be making resolutions this year - mainly to be on time and keep the house neat.

  •   -   12/06/2018

    I would like to. I think it would be fun to hear what the kids suggest for resolutions.

  •   -   12/14/2018

    Yes, but I've learned to keep them simple. Last year my resolutions were to burn more candles and to use hand moisturizer. Suuuper exciting I know- but attainable! And I did all right! :)

  •   -   12/07/2018

    We haven't before but I think we might start since my 4 & 8yos are starting to understand concepts like "get to bed on time" and "use less technology" lol

    •   -   12/08/2018

      Use less technology is basically my every day resolution. So far I have failed to implement it, but maybe this is a good time to try again!

  •   -   12/30/2018

    I usually make resolutions. I feel like it's just a good time to reevaluate where I am at in several different areas in my life and consider what I would like to change or improve in the future.

  •   -   01/05/2023

    I like to pick a simple new activity or practice for us to try each year, usually focused on spending more quality time together. We’ve done things like setting aside 5-10 mins a week for prayer/reflection, or taking more regular walks (or runs!) together. Even if we don’t end up making it a regular habit, it’s always nice to try new things, and the stuff that sticks tends to enhance our family life in a meaningful way.

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