Do you let your child win when playing board games?

We play a lot of board games in our house. I'm going to admit to peaking to see what color final card my son was holding in Uno last night before I called the color on my "Wild Card." My husband and I had already each won a round (well, I won TWO rounds ;) ), and our son was getting a little discouraged, so I helped him out a bit. What's the board game strategy in your house?

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  •   -   02/07/2019

    Ha! I definitely try to suppress my natural "in it to win it" attitude on family game night, though as the kids get older, less and less! :) Especially when kids are younger, I think it's good to balance the fun and excitement of winning (and learning to win well) with a dose of reality that we won't always win, so we usually mixed it up.

  •   -   02/10/2019

    I agree, I definitely would lean towards letting my kids take turns winning when they were young to avoid too many meltdowns. As they've gotten older we definitely keep it more real and try to encourage being a good sport as that's an invaluable life lesson.

  •   -   02/10/2019

    Agree with the comments. When they were younger, I would occasionally cheat to let them win. But now that my kids are older, they need to win on their own. I have one kid who is VERY competitive and does not take losing well. He's the one who will quit in the middle of the game and clear the table (and the game off the table) in anger. Game night is a bit complicated with him, but we keep trying to get him to learn that he can't behave that way or we won't play with him.

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