Do you have your kids make their beds every day?

My husband and I have never seen eye to eye on this topic. He grew up in a home where he was expected to make his bed every morning, whereas I grew up in a much more relaxed household where pretty much the only time we made our beds was when company came over. Lucky for our kids, I'm usually the one in charge, so our beds do not get made on a daily basis!

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  •   -   08/08/2018

    Unless there is some emergency. At our house we all make our beds before leaving our bedroom in the morning. It’s a quick and easy accomplishment... A great way to start the day!

    •   -   08/08/2018

      This is so true!! And a good reason for our family to revisit our bed-making priorities!

  •   -   08/05/2018

    I love this poll!! I always feel like we should make our beds, and really do like getting into a nicely bed made at night, but the truth is this is one of the few chores we rarely ever enforce in our house - even among mom and dad!

    •   -   01/30/2019

      I'm embarrassed to admit that we never ever make the bed, so my children definitely don't. I'm a super neat sleeper though, so my side of the bed basically looks made, because I just fold the covers back up after I get out!

  •   -   08/04/2018

    This makes me laugh. We try to make the kids make their bed everyday as part of their chores but the reality is they don’t, especially this summer. I like a fresh made bed every night.

  •   -   08/22/2019

    A MUST! Especially if Abuela is visiting.

  •   -   08/08/2018

    I make our bed every morning, it's such a reflex I don't even think about. We also try to have the kids make their bed and it will last for a while and then fizzle out again. I am not good about enforcing it but unless company is around and going to see it I guess it's not a huge priority for me as I'm not sleeping in it!

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