I know several local photographers offer mini sessions for the holidays. I am curious how many parents use a photographer for a professional shot of their family. And then use one of these photos to create their holiday cards.

Do you use a photographer for your holiday cards?

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  •   -   10/02/2018

    Yes, but at a discounted, friend of the family rate. The cards themselves are so expensive I don't think I could spend hundreds of dollars on the photos themselves as well!

    •   -   10/02/2018

      With you there -- I can't stomach the cost of holiday cards that get thrown away a month later, so we don't send them.

      •   -   10/02/2018

        I will say, one great way to use them past Christmas is with your littles- we actually just took out a bunch of our from last year yesterday and I was telling my daughter who everyone was on the cards and she played with them. It was adorable :)

      •   -   10/03/2018

        I refuse to spend a lot on the actual cards for this reason. I keep the ones from close friends and family but I know most people toss them.

  •   -   10/04/2018

    My family has never done professional photos, and my kids are 4 and 8! It would be great for this Christmas though if I can make it happen!

  •   -   10/14/2018

    We usually get professional pictures taken every 2.5 years. If we happen to have them taken in the fall or winter then we will use them for Christmas cards. My go-to card place for ordering cards is Costco. You get a ton of cards for super cheap!

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