Do you have a rug/carpet under the table where you usually eat?

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  •   -   03/25/2019

    Yes but it doesn't matter because our dogs scoop up any food that falls as soon as it hits the floor haha!

    •   -   03/25/2019

      Gotta love dogs!

  •   -   03/26/2019

    No rug and our floor is littered with crumbs and all sort of food! Even my oldest at 7 still seems to spill half of his meal!

  •   -   04/01/2019

    It's so good to here all of these no rug comments. I've always had one under the table to keep the chairs from scratching the floor, but I think I'm going to give up on the fight to keep it clean with a kid in the house. For the record, it is next to impossible to find a picture online of a kitchen eating area without a rug (image search "kitchen eating area no rug")

  •   -   03/25/2019

    Our dining room has a hardwood floor and I am just fine with that. I'm constantly vacuuming up fallen food and crumbs which is much easier on hardwood than carpet.

  •   -   03/25/2019

    We have a huge island where my kids eat at the stools so if they spill it’s on the hardwood floor and not a rug. Even at almost 11, almost 9 and 6, I still don’t trust them!

  •   -   04/17/2019

    Nope...than my Roomba could not do its job properly! Yes, we bought my husband a Roomba for Christmas. Although, it has come in handy for post-meal cleaning. We named it Alice as in the Brady Bunch's Alice.

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