Do you have a “favorite” kid age?

I love all babies... if kids stayed infants forever, I would have a dozen of them. That being said, each age group provides a special something to enjoy and love! My 10 year olds love going to the movies, going out to dinner and amusement parks which are things I love to do with them.. but if I could, I would go back in time and experience them as babies all over again! What has been your favorite time with your kiddo?

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  •   -   06/11/2018

    So far I've only had an infant, but I have always loved the sleep-all-the-time cuddly stage! Still, as my daughter gets older I'm finding each month more and more fun. I'll be interested to see if my preference changes!

    •   -   06/27/2018

      I have felt the same way, enjoying each stage more and more, and my oldest is now 11!! I am waiting to see how the teen years go! :)

  •   -   06/12/2018

    I'm torn between answering preschool and school age, because I have one of each, but I just love every stage. Watching kids develop their personalities is the best.

  •   -   06/29/2018

    If I could freeze age 4, I totally would!!

  •   -   06/13/2018

    I voted for toddler. My kids were so cute during this stage. Surprisingly we did not have many temper tantrums. As they’ve gotten older, they learn to talk back which is not ok!

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