Do you clean your kids' toys?

As kids get older, it seems like the toys multiply - and those pieces get so tiny! Aside from when they're obviously dirty, is regular toy cleaning a thing in your house?

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  •   -   07/10/2018

    I cleaned all of my first child's toys when I initially bought them and then never again! My third basically eats dirt out of our yard, so I figure that's not any worse than what's on her toys...

  •   -   07/11/2018

    Now that we are out of the toddler years I pretty much only clean toys if someone has been sick.

  •   -   07/05/2018

    I used to clean bath toys in the dishwasher but I found they never got that clean so I just throw out bath toys when they look worn out now.

  •   -   07/06/2018

    I stopped at the toddler phase, but I should really clean my older kids' LEGO and K'nex toys regularly, too!

  •   -   10/26/2021

    I used too but now they are i have trained them to wash it :)

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