Do you allow your child to have friends sleepover?

My kids keep asking me to have friends sleepover night. I think they are actually at a good age right now, but I am curious about other parents and what they do in terms of sleepovers. Some of my daughters' friends are not allowed to sleep over at friends' houses and some are. So do you allow sleepovers for your kids?

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  •   -   02/01/2019

    We allow sleepovers, but typically only with families we know and trust. Cousins and best friends mostly!

  •   -   02/01/2019

    Ditto to Vanessa’s comment. I’ll also add that we have learned to be somewhat sparing with sleepovers - the disrupted sleep schedule ends up Impacting the kids for days afterwards! But, so much fun for them once in a while!

  •   -   02/01/2019

    My kids are kind of homebodies (they like their beds) and don't really want to go to sleepovers or have friends sleep over, but they have had them before with good friends. I have a feeling the sleepover birthday party request is going to be coming up soon and I'm not sure I'll be able to handle that. :)

  •   -   02/01/2019

    My son is going for his first sleepover tonight. He's pumped, I'm excited and nervous for him. I know tomorrow he's going to be tired and cranky but I hope he has a ton of fun tonight.

  •   -   02/02/2019

    So far we've only had sleepovers with cousins, and my oldest is almost 9. I'm sure at some point we'll do sleepovers with friends, likely at our own house, though!

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