Disneyland vs. Disney World: Which Is Better?

Is Disneyland or Disney World better? As a Southern California native, I think the answer is clear, but I'm curious to know where other families fall on this important question!

For parents planning a Disney vacation, where would you recommend they go - Disneyland in Southern California or Disney World in Orlando? Add your vote to the poll, and if you've been to both, add a comment to share your experience and help other families decide which park is right for them!

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  •   -   10/28/2021

    I like that Disneyland is more compact than Disney World. I find that most (though not all!) of the major attractions that are fun for kids are available at both, but for us, it was easier to enjoy them at Disneyland since they are only spread across two adjacent parks rather than four parks that are kind of far from each other.

  •   -   04/27/2022

    We haven't yet been to Disney World (it's on our list for travel in the next few years). However, we have Magic Keys and go to Disneyland a lot, since it's only 1.5 hours away. We have 3 reservations for the month of May. Genie+ is the way to go - especially if you arrive early and get through security before the park opens. That way you can rope-drop one big ride, then get a few Lightning Lane rides done in the first few hours of park opening. I actually like Genie+ better than Fast Passes - I'm willing to spend a bit more money to save hours waiting in line, especially when it's hot outside.

    •   -   04/28/2022

      Agree with all of this! We're in pretty much the same situation. It took us a while to bite the bullet and try Genie+, but now I don't think we'll ever go without it!

  •   -   10/28/2021

    I wouldn't give up our time spent at either one, but if I had to pick, I'd go with Disneyland! I love that everything is walkable on the same day because the two parks are next to each other, and I find that it requires way less advance planning than Disney World does.

  •   -   04/11/2024

    We had Disneyland annual passes for years. We were that family that took our kids out to school to spend the day at Disneyland. We now live in Florida and my honest opinion is that Disneyland outshines the Magic Kingdom, but Hollywood Studios, Epcot, and the Animal Kingdom blow the California duo out of the water. Both sites are wonderful, but as an adult with grown children, my vote is for Disney World. If I had little kids still and had to take strollers, Disneyland would be better.

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