Best place to get ears pierced?

I'm wondering where to get my daughter's ears pierced once she is ready. Vote for the best place to get ears pierced and let us know about your kid's experience in the comments!

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  •   -   12/22/2020

    We got my daughter’s ears pierced when she was a baby so we felt most comfortable getting it done at her pediatrician’s office. It was quick, easy, and clearly sanitary, and she never had any complications. I especially liked that the nurse who pierced her ears was obviously used to working with little ones.

  •   -   07/15/2021

    We ended up doing it recently, and decided to go with a professional piercing studio that is highly recommended by local parents. It was an awesome experience, and they were so good with kids! They offered appointments for kids' ear piercings in the morning before they opened, so it was nice that we were the only ones there at the time. We opted to have both ears pierced at the same time, which I think helped to cut down on the anxiety.

  •   -   07/15/2021

    I took my girls to Claire's on National Ear Piercing Day (apparently it's a thing) and took advantage of their annual event sale. We came home with dozens of cute earrings at an enormous discount - and safely pierced ears! The shopping spree seemed so memorable for them, and the piercing experience was fine.

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