Best age for ear piercing?

Parents, I'm wondering what the best age is for girls to get their ears pierced. If your daughter already has her ears pierced, at what age did you have it done? If not, what do you think a good age will be for her?

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  •   -   01/05/2018

    In my family, we traditionally pierce girls' ears when they are babies, generally at the pediatrician's office. It worked well for my daughter, as she was so little that she did not have any anxiety about it (which she definitely would have at any other age, given her personality!), and hasn't had any issues with her piercings, even when she goes a long time without wearing earrings.

  •   -   01/05/2018

    I am going to wait until my daughter is older and can decide (and clean) them herself.

  •   -   02/24/2021

    My daughter hasn't had hers done and says she doesn't want to yet, but I would guess she'll be asking to do it in the upper elementary school years.

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