Baby Showers: Do you have one for each pregnancy?

There are so many "etiquette" rules about baby showers that it's hard to keep up. Do you follow any rules about showers, or do you (or your hosts) do your own thing?

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  •   -   03/02/2018

    I've heard of a lot of people doing "sprinkles" for the second baby, which is basically just a smaller-scale shower.

    •   -   07/09/2018

      I had never heard this term until my sister's recent pregnancy!

  •   -   03/04/2018

    I had a couple of baby showers for my first, but nothing for my second or third. I've been to many "sprinkles" for second - or even third - babies in my neighborhood. All of my friends still brought a small gift for the new babies when they visited, so i still ended up with gifts!

  •   -   04/04/2018

    Only on pregnancy #2 over here, but we're expecting a second boy and don't really NEED much besides a second crib and a double stroller. We plan to let the grandparents make those purchases, and my sister is throwing us a diaper shower instead!

  •   -   07/09/2018

    Personally, I only had one shower as I had three girls. However, my sister has a six-year-old and is now pregnant with twin boys. She did not want a shower as she did not want people to feel obligated to buy gifts a second time around. However, everyone wants to throw her one. So, we will be doing a surprise sprinkle for her.

  •   -   03/03/2018

    We didn't find out the sex of our first so everything we registered for was green and yellow. Didn't have the need for a second (or third) shower since all our baby stuff was neutral.

    •   -   03/05/2018

      Oh I wish I had done that! Both of mine are boys, but the pink-blue divide can get old!

  •   -   05/20/2024

    When it comes to baby showers, it's best to do what feels right for you and your situation. While there are many traditional "etiquette" rules, it's perfectly fine to adapt or ignore them to suit your preferences. Some people stick to traditions, while others prefer a more relaxed approach. Ultimately, the goal is to celebrate and enjoy the occasion with loved ones. So, whether you follow the rules or do your own thing, the most important part is having a joyful and memorable experience.

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