My 5.5 year old still is not able to wake himself up overnight to go to the bathroom. I've tried waking him up to use the bathroom before I go to bed, nothing to drink after a certain time, an extra bathroom run right before bed, but he's a deep sleeper and just not able to wake himself up. I'm not worried, his doctor said he will grow out of it, but I know it bothers him to wear a pull-up every night.

When was your child nighttime potty trained? If he/she took a while, do you have any tips that may help us get out of pull-ups once and for all?

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  •   -   09/13/2018

    This happened to us as well with one of our sons and you are right, they just grow out of it eventually. Instead of using the pull-ups at night, we used the Good Nites bed pads that have adhesive to stick to the mattress pad or sheet. It makes bed changes a lot easier since the pad captures any wetness and keeps it from soaking into the mattress.

    •   -   09/14/2018

      Thanks Tracy. I will try the bed pads.

  •   -   09/14/2018

    My boys both were easily 5 or older when they stopped. I guess they just grew out of it. I honestly think each kid is different when it comes to this. My daughter woke up crying in her room in the middle of the night the first night we potty trained (just turned 3) because she had to go pee. I never put her in a pull-up after that and she’s been good. Hang in there!

  •   -   09/18/2018

    My kids never had a problem with nighttime potty training. I did have them wear pull ups for a couple weeks just to be sure but they woke up dry every time. It was one rare area of parenting that was easy.

  •   -   02/06/2019

    Timely post, Amanda! My second son is nearing 5 and no sign of being night-trained yet. With my oldest, we just waited until we was consistently waking up dry, which happened shortly after he turned 4, and then it was a seamless transition. My almost 5 year old sounds like your son; he's not waking up and he always pees in the middle of the night. I've also been told that it's developmental and some kids just don't have nighttime bladder control until they're older.

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