Just wondering how long everyone continues to read at night with their child or children?

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  •   -   02/22/2019

    My 7yo reads to himself now, but we still read together on occasion at the beginning of the year, so I kept it up with him until he turned 7. He's an advanced reader though, so I would imagine if it was more challenging for him to read himself, he may have been more open to continuing to read with me. Some of my fondest memories are reading longer stories with my parents before bed, so I hope one of my other kids will indulge me!

  •   -   02/23/2019

    Bedtime stories stopped being a nightly thing with my oldest when he started reading longer chapter books on his own every night, around age 7. But, he will often sit in on his younger sister's bedtime stories and the two of us do sometimes read chapter books together. It's just not really a bedtime routine anymore.

  •   -   02/22/2019

    My kids read very well on their own but at ages 8 and 10, they still enjoy me reading to them. It is our snuggle time to read some books and be comfy before bed. They read chapter books by themselves but still enjoy books that I read to them.

  •   -   02/22/2019

    When my kids were able to read well and moved onto chapter books, I usually stopped reading to them.

  •   -   02/23/2019

    I hope my kids keep wanting me to read until they're teens :-) My almost 9yo has read on his own for a few years now, but he still loves hearing bedtime stories (and so does his little brother).

  •   -   03/01/2019

    Both of my boys are older and good readers but my 10 year old still enjoys having me read to him once in a while. We have done a few chapter books this way and it's a nice bonding experience for both of us.

  •   -   03/14/2019

    My kids read to themselves now but they are 10 and 13. My daughter (10) and I will read a chapter book together when our schedules slow down in May. But, I do make my kids read before they go to bed.

  •   -   02/27/2019

    My daughter is still under 2 so I know we have a ways to go, but reading at night is one of our favorite times of the day and I'll be so sad when we transition away from this special time!

  •   -   03/06/2019

    My daughter is 6 and we read to her every night and let her practice her sight words so she can learn to read on her own. Starting in 1st grade, our school mandates reading each night, but this is just the kids and not with the parents or guardians.

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