At what age did your child start music lessons?

Whether it's piano, violin, African drum, or didgeridoo, some kids are just drawn to music from a very early age! If you enrolled your child in music lessons, what age did they start?

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  •   -   04/02/2018

    My almost 8 year old had been asking to take piano lessons since he was 4. I was told by friends to wait until he could read to help him understand the music better. We started him last summer at age 7 and he's been doing a great job and learning quickly. Now getting him to practice is another story...

  •   -   04/02/2018

    My son, 5, loves music and he is excited about starting his first music class, and I am looking forward to watch him perform :)

  •   -   09/13/2018

    My son just turned 5 and plays the drums constantly. I’m really interested to see when folks think is the right age for lessons because I worry he could develop “bad habits.”

  •   -   04/19/2021

    We started our kids with piano at 4 and 6. It was challenging to find a teacher for our 4 year old, as he was a little young and his hands a little small for piano, but he was really into music and always tinkering on his own so we thought it worth a try. He ended up doing well and still plays, so it worked out for us! He also picked up violin later, which in hindsight would have been easier to start at a younger age than piano, since they make adorably small violins for young kids.

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