What is a good age for overnight camp?

When kids reach the "right" age for overnight camp, it's a big milestone. There's a mix of excitement and apprehension. However, every family has a different idea of the "right" age. What worked for your family and why? Is the right sleepaway camp age different for the boys versus the girls?

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  •   -   02/05/2018

    Both of my daughters are doing sleep away camp this summer. My 8 year old is going to Girl Scout camp for just two nights, three days. My 9-year-old is doing a week long horseback riding camp. It is only an hour away from our house and she will have her cell phone so if she needs to be picked up, I will drive and get her early. Although I really do not think she will need me to come!Growing up I spent two weeks away at a camp when I was in fourth grade and there were no cell phones back then!

  •   -   02/05/2018

    My oldest will be 10 this summer and we talked about sending him to an overnight camp. We know he would love it, but he's still a little apprehensive to the idea. I have nephews who go away to a month long overnight camp in another state than where they live and they all started at 10.

  •   -   03/06/2018

    I feel like this depends so much on the child. I started camp with one week the summer after second grade (just after turning 8) and went 2-3 weeks most years after that. My older sister had no interest in leaving home for more than one night until late middle school. I wouldn't push a kid that doesn't want to go, but if they ask for it and seem ready it can be a really great experience.

  •   -   02/03/2019

    I have brought up this topic to my boys and they said they have zero interest in sleepaway camp. However, I know they would love it and probably be sad when it was over. I'll bring it up again in a couple of years and see how they feel. I would love for them to experience it, even if it was only for a few nights.

  •   -   02/05/2018

    That is a subject that really stresses me! Luckily, my kids are still very young and still time to think about it!

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