Speckled throughout the busy Metroplex lay dozens of equestrian facilities that specialize in horseback riding lessons for kids! Most stables offer a calm, non-competitive environment to start, as experienced instructors teach how to saddle up and ride independently. The age at which your child starts riding can vary, depending on the child's size and maturity.

Horseback riding is a great way to teach kids responsibility and hard work, as well as connect with these beautiful, majestic animals. Here are our recommendations for youth riding lessons in Dallas and Fort Worth.

    North Dallas Equestrian

     (1381.2 mi)

    Stephanie W.:  North Dallas Equestrian has lessons for riders of all ages- it's never too soon to develop a love for horses! Both English and Western style lessons are provided, as well as preparation for competition for those expert riders. They have beautiful horses for you to learn on, but if you have your own horse you are welcome to ride them during lessons, too! Covered and outdoor arenas and round pens are available, along with 80 acres of pasture! Another added bonus is a playground for children- great for siblings of riders while they are in lessons!

    Age: 5+
    Cost: Contact for pricing

    Foster Farm South

     (1382.4 mi)

    Stephanie W.:   Located in Wylie, Foster Farm South is convenient for Dallas and Plano families! They boast indoor and outdoor arenas, plus two round pens. Tiny Tot Beginner Lessons are available for our youngest riders, plus English and Western lessons for riders of all ages.

    Age: 5+
    Cost: Lessons start at $65/30 min, $45 for 15 min beginner lesson

    North Texas Equestrian Center

     (1384.3 mi)

    Stephanie W.:  For 30 years, NTEC has been providing excellent horseback riding lessons for North Texas kids! English style riding is the name of the game here, with lessons in Dressage, Hunters, Jumpers, ParaDressage, and Eventing. Beginners are assessed and paired with a horse to match their comfort and skill level, and more experienced riders with competition as their goal can be trained in Hunters or Jumpers. Some alum of NTEC have gone from beginners to the Hunter Derby Ring and Grand Prix Show Jumping!

    Cost: Lessons start at $40/half hour private lesson, $40/hr group lesson. Click here for more pricing.

    Capricorn Equestrian Center

     (1385.6 mi)

    Stephanie W.:  For more than 30 years, Capricorn has been teaching young and old how to horseback ride! Their schedule offers many choices for beginners to advanced riders. They provide options for group lessons, private lessons, and semi-private lessons, and with both indoor and outdoor space, they can offer classes all year long. In addition to classes, Capricorn also does trail rides! English and Western equipment are provided.

    Age: 6+

    Cost: $150 for a 5 week group session, private lessons $55/hr. See more pricing and class options here.

    Merriwood Ranch

     (1389.8 mi)

    $60/individual lesson, $200/4 lesson package

    Natasha G:  They offer excellent, fun English horseback riding lessons and a summer riding camp in Garland, TX.

    Debut Arabians

     (1390.1 mi)

    Stephanie W.:  Debut Arabians specializes in Arabian horses, of course! Riders of all skill levels and experience, even those who have never ridden before, are encouraged to come out for lessons! Both English and Western styles are taught. They also have a national level competition team for all ages, with college scholarship opportunities!

    Cost: Lessons start at $45/half hour after an hour-long $80 evaluation lesson.

    Rocking J Stables

     (1390.7 mi)

    Stephanie W.:  Garland's Rocking J Stables provides private and very small semi-private lessons for beginners and intermediate riders in English style jumping. If your child has very specific riding goals, this is the place for them! Lessons are available 7 days a week.

    Cost: $70/hr for private lessons, $55/hr for semi-private lessons

    Mill-Again Stables

     (1391.3 mi)

    Stephanie W.:  Mill-Again Stables teaches on American Saddlebred horses, which are incredibly versatile and will allow you to adapt to other styles! Riders are taught to ride English style, and riders of all ages are encouraged to sign up for lessons. Mill-Again also provides training for horses as well as summer camps!

    Cost: $60/private lesson, $50/group lesson

    Windmill Stables

     (1393.5 mi)

    Stephanie W.:  Windmill Stables provides a variety of different English riding styles, like hunter, jumper, dressage, and eventing. A strong relationship with the horse is encouraged, so students learn not only about riding but also about groundwork and caring for their horse. All beginners must take private lessons, while intermediate and advanced students can participate in group lessons!

    Age: 7+
    Cost: Lessons start at $50/half hour for private lessons, $50/hr for group lessons

    Trinity Forest Equestrian Academy

     (1398.7 mi)

    Stephanie W.:  Trinity Forest has limited spots for riders who do not own their horse, so you'll want to inquire about availability and sign up quickly! An evaluation lesson is given before placement in a group lesson in order to determine your child's skill level. Advanced riders are placed in the Equestrian Show Team, while beginners are a part of the academy!

    Cost: $100/hr for private lessons, $340/month for group lessons. See more pricing here.

    Dallas Equestrian Center

     (1400.1 mi)

    Stephanie W.:  Dallas Equestrian Center offers lessons on horses and ponies for all ages and skill levels. Their focus is on Hunters, Equitation and Jumpers for competition- hunters are focused on the horse, equitation is focused on the rider, and jumpers are all about speed. Students can want to compete, or just want to ride for love of horses!

    Cost: $100/hr for private lessons, $90/hr for group lessons, $65/half hour for private or semi-private lessons

    River Ranch at Texas Horse Park

     (1401.7 mi)

    Stephanie W.:  Enjoy a variety of lesson options at River Ranch, where basics to advanced skills are taught! English lessons are one-on-one, as are advanced Western lessons. If your child and their friends are interested in a group Western lesson, there are discounted pricing options. You are able to form your own group, which is very unique!

    Cost: Lessons start at $40/half hour for Western lessons, $50/half hour for English lessons.

    M-Bar-K Farms

     (1417.2 mi)

    Stephanie W.:  M-Bar-K Farms has you covered with both private and group horseback riding lessons! English and Westerns styles are both taught. They've been in the business for over 25 years and love what they do!

    Cost: Contact for pricing

    Marshall Creek Ranch Summer Lessons

     (1425.1 mi)

    June - August

    Stephanie W.:  Summer horseback riding lessons at Marshall Creek Ranch in Southlake are the perfect summer activity! Students are divided by age and skill level. Each intensive week of lessons includes training in an arena, trail riding, and getting to know and taking care of your horse!

    Age: 7-15

    Cost: Contact for pricing

    Silver Spurs Horseback Riding School

     (1429.5 mi)

    Stephanie W.:  Silver Spurs is focused on the care of a horse just as much as it is on the riding! Students will learn everything from brushing their horse's coat and cleaning its hooves, to bathing and feeding it. Once riding, instructors will teach important skills like mounting and dismounting, how to ride bareback properly, trail riding, and learning to walk, jog, trot, lope, canter and gallop!

    Cost: $40/hr

    Trinity River Farm

     (1430.2 mi)

    Stephanie W.:  Trinity River Farm provides private and group lessons in their outdoor arena! Students of all levels of skill will learn how to care for their horse before and after riding- riders will catch, groom and tack their horses before lessons, and untack and brush them afterwards. Students will learn so much more than just how to ride!

    Cost: $55 evaluation lesson, lessons then start at $45/hr

    Full Circle Riding Academy

     (1433.0 mi)

    Stephanie W.:  Full Circle wants kids of all ages to learn early how wonderful horseback riding is! Children as young as 2 and 3 can take 15 minute leadline lessons, and 4 and 5 year olds are required to have private lessons until they are old enough to be a part of a group lesson. Beginners are taught Western style riding, and students are all in charge of saddling, bridling, and leading their horse to the arena for their lesson, as well as unsaddling and brushing their horse at the end of each lesson.

    Age: 2+

    Cost: $200/month for group rate, private lessons vary

    Adventures in Riding with Miss Julie

     (1438.7 mi)

    Stephanie W.:  Adventures in Riding with Miss Julie is a nonprofit with the aim of bringing equine therapy to those in need! With beautiful horses and an important mission, this is a great opportunity to learn how to ride. English, Western, jumping, and barrels are the main areas of focus. There are even half hour pony rides for riders under the age of 8!

    Age: 8+

    Cost: $45/hr

    Deer Creek Stables, LLC

     (1441.0 mi)

    Stephanie W.:  Deer Creek specializes in English style riding, and first-time riders will always get a private lesson in order to determine the best placement for them, which should put any parent new to the horseback riding world at ease! Jumping and dressage lessons are available as well.

    Age: 6+
    Cost: Contact for pricing

    Benbrook Stables

     (1452.8 mi)

    Stephanie W.:  Benbrook Stables provides both private and group lessons for riders of all ages! Not only will you learn how to ride, you will also be taught about feeding, grooming, and how to care for a horse and its equipment! You'll learn in the stable's arena as well as the trails nearby. Roping, barrels, rodeo, and jumping are among the many exciting things your child could learn at Benbrook!

    Cost: Lessons start at $60/45 minutes

    Curragh Equestrian Center

     (1456.9 mi)

    Stephanie W.:  Young riders begin with private lessons so that a trained instructor can ensure their ability to control the horse well before entering group lessons. Once this is determined, students are placed in group lessons with other kids of comparable riding skill. In addition, Curragh trains competition riders, for those who are interested!

    Cost: $50-$75 for private lessons, $45 for group lessons

Primary photo:   Carlos Fernando Bendfeldt on Unsplash

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