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    Alexandra F.:  My 5-year-old has told me I love Bluey even more than he does (and it’s his favorite show!), and he's not wrong - the whole family gets sucked in when this is on! It is so funny, and we get some great ideas for imaginative play from it.

    Owala FreeSip Water Bottle

    Best Straw Bottle for Big Kids

    Kelly R.:  We loved these leakproof water bottles for kids so much when we bought them for back to school last year that we ended up buying them for the whole family. The spout is genius: you can drink from it upright like a super-comfortable straw, or tip the bottle back to chug. The lid and straw don't have any nooks and crannies to hold scary gunk, and get totally clean in the dishwasher. The 24oz size is plenty big for school or sports, but still fits in our minivan cupholders. My only complaint is that I wish the bottle was more durable. I made sure to add on a bottle boot when I had to replace my son's demolished bottle this year.

    TBH Kids Spot Foam Face Wash

    Kelly R.:  This daily kids face wash is great for preventing or treating the occasional blemish and acne that pops up from wearing a mask. I like that it uses natural ingredients, and is gentle enough for kids who aren't really ready for more aggressive acne treatments. We've tried the wipes version of this product, too, but found that it was a little too harsh for us.

    Harry Potter Who is It? Game

    Age 6+ (2 players)

    Kelly R.:  This unassuming little card game has been a smash hit with everyone in my, adults, aunts and uncles! It's the same idea as "Guess Who," but with Harry Potter characters. I love that instead of focusing only on physical features, you can ask more interesting questions like "Was this character in the first book?" or "Is this person a villain?"

    Caramel Apple Dip

    Kelly R.:  We brought this dip to a potluck recently and one of the adults said it is the second best thing he has ever eaten. Ever!! It is so ridiculously easy to make, this is going to be my new go-to. From Dinner at the Zoo


    Kelly R.:  I had never heard of this until I got one for free from a kids vaccine clinic, but it has completely changed the way my kids handle getting shots. The little tool has plastic points on it, and you press it onto the skin at the injection site during the shot to distract from the pain. I now bring it with me whenever it's time for a shot (my kids insist), and all nurses and pharmacists have let me hold it on my child while they administer the shot. None of them had seen one, before, though, so I feel like we need to get the word out about this!

    Knight Owl

    Amy S.:  This is a new book, but it’s just about perfect and has become an instant classic in our family. Owl dreams of becoming a knight—of being brave, being clever, and having many friends—and one day he gets his chance. Although he struggles with some elements of knight school (lifting a sword, staying awake during the day), he excels at “knight night watch” and has the opportunity to prove himself when he encounters a fearsome dragon. Sweet, simple, and beautifully animated, this is a story about believing in yourself and finding creative solutions. And if you love both owls and knights (as we all do in this house), you can’t miss with this one.

    Little and Five Earrings

    Kelly R.:  My daughter loves her growing collection of Little and Five earrings. They're hypoallergenic and feature a screw-back design that's more secure and comfortable - no pointy ends! I love that they're affordable, because there are so many fun designs to stock up on, from classic ones to quirky and seasonal.

    ClearSpace Plastic Storage Bins

    Mommyx3 (Monique H):  One thing my children and I can agree on is organization in our home. I purchased a storage cubby some years ago which we use as our "snack bar" with the fabric bins as drawers. This past week I purchased some clear storage drawer bins for our goodies which I personally think are better because now they're able to see what exactly is in each bin. Plus it looks cooler :)

    Halloween Candy Cookie Bars

    Kelly R.:  These cookie bars are so delicious, and my favorite way to help that Halloween candy disappear a little faster! It's fun for the kids to help pick out and unwrap the candy for the recipe. From Together As Family

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