STEM classes are a wonderful way to encourage kids' love of learning that are located all around Los Angeles. From advanced math courses to engineering challenges, kids will learn while completing hands-on activities and flexing their brain power.

    Mad Science After School Classes

     (2807.1 mi)

    Starts at $108/6 sessions

    Grades K-6

    Erynn:  Classes with Mad Science take place at school campuses all over the greater Los Angeles area, where kids can collaborate with peers to watch demonstrations, participate in hands-on activities, and take home their projects. From model rockets to slime and everything in between, kids will catch a thrill with Mad Science.

    Bricks 4 Kidz

     (2811.0 mi)

    Pricing varies per program; contact for details

    Ages: 3-13+

    Erynn:  In addition to after-school programs that involve educational LEGO play, Bricks 4 Kidz also offers Video Game Design & Coding and Robotics courses. Classes are held at area locations or on local school campuses, depending on the grade level and course length. Kids learn through model-building, plus there's always time for free play at the end of class.

    CodeREV Kids

     (2811.2 mi)

    Starts at $185/month for one session per week

    Ages: 6-16

    Erynn:  If your child is a Minecraft fan or interested in coding on other platforms, CodeREV Kids might be just the place for them! All courses are project-based, so kids learn coding skills, then apply them in ongoing hands-on ways. Plus, education and tech experts from Harvard and MIT lend their expertise to the programs!


     (2812.4 mi)

    Schedule a free trial session, then contact for program pricing

    Grades 2-12

    Erynn:  Whether your child is ahead, behind, or simply at grade level in math, Mathnasium can help them approach the subject in new ways. With math programs spanning elementary through high school grades, your kids can get the instruction they need to exceed in class and beyond.

    Magikid Robotics Lab

     (2814.6 mi)

    Must call for pricing and to enroll

    Ages: 4+

    Erynn:  Starting with Robot Rookies and culminating in Robot Innovators, Magikid offers robotics courses to suit all ages. Standard courses include 32 sessions where kids learn and apply fundamental STEAM programming concepts at an age-appropriate level. Plus, parents can participate at the Preschool/Pre K levels.

    UCode Memberships

     (2816.4 mi)

    $250/month for a "membership" which includes 2 hours of instruction per week

    Ages: 6-18

    Erynn:  Kids learn by doing at UCode, with everything from Scratch to HTML/CSS to Java. They'll create apps, websites, software, and games, and more while expanding their skills and indulging their love of technology. Kids can even bring their own laptops, though UCode provides all the tech they'll need.

    Great Minds Robotics

     (2861.4 mi)

    Starts at $200/month for 4 sessions

    Grades K-12th

    Erynn:  For kids with a higher-level interest in computers and advanced technology, Great Minds Robotics is the place to be. The cutting-edge learning center lets kids explore robotics, object-oriented programming, mechanical engineering, and more. Plus, schedule a free tour before committing to make sure it's the right fit for your kiddo!

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