Snow day? Bundle up the kids, grab the snow toys, and use our interactive map to find the best sledding and snow tubing near Philadelphia. Local parents review the best hills in the area for kids and share what you need to know before you leave home. If we've missed your favorite snow hill, recommend it below to share with other Philly families!


     (84.3 mi)

    Day Passes start at $35/person, $25/4 and under

    Sue Krawitz Tandoc:  Take a short road trip to AvalancheXpress for stellar family snow tubing! They offer 10 fun lanes to slide down and 2 powered rope-lines to take tubers back to the top of the hill. The whole family will have a blast. There is no age limit and slower lanes are built for kids when the weather permits.

    For more winter fun, they feature an ice skating rink as well.

    Make the experience extra special with an overnight package at Heritage Hills Resort!

    Iron Valley Tubing

     (113.1 mi)

    $35/person, $8/child

    Sue Krawitz Tandoc:  Iron Valley Run offers snow tubing with 900 ft. of runs and a 130 ft. drop! You must reserve a time before arriving. No walk-ins allowed. Kids must be at least 40 inches tall to ride the Large Hill. There is a separate kids hill available that has 4 lanes. This is perfect for younger children who want to ease into the experience.

    Tubing available based on weather and snow conditions. Check their site for operating days. They offer daytime and evening tubing.

    After tubing, refuel at Miner's Pub, chock full of hearty menu items.

    Bear Creek Mountain Resort

     (161.8 mi)

    Tickets start at $27/session

    Participants must be at least 6 years old & 42” tall

    Shila:  Bear Creek is within an hour of Philadelphia, and is a destination spot for many locals and tourists. It's quite popular for its mountain lodging, spa and dining. Above that, families love the winter sporting opportunities, making it one of the popular destinations for skiing and snowboarding in Philadelphia.

    They have a run for snow tubing that gets lit when dark, as well as a convenient tubing lift.

    For younger ones not yet 6, they also have a SnowZone, which is a family-friendly safe area to play in the snow.

    Clark Park

     (169.2 mi)

    Juan L.:  Clark Park is a great sledding/tubing spot for toddlers and preschoolers. This park is located in Southwest Philly and at the center has a gently inclined bowl resembling a half pipe of snow. This set up creates a huge amount of sledding space. That combined with the generally younger crowd means the space is usually less crowded and always has room for all without worrying about collisions. The circular hill also creates great vantage points for parents and less concern about losing sight of their toddlers. It's really a great place for first-time sledders.

    Fairmount Park - Belmont Plateau

     (169.8 mi)

    Juan L.:  Belmont Plateau has many year-round attractions for Philadelphians, namely the stunning view of the city, but in the winter it's a favorite sledding and tubing spot. There are hills upon hills, some of which are perhaps too rocky or steep to sled. There are a handful which are truly the perfect mix of safe and heart-pounding fun. Start with the main hill closest to the street, Flagpole, and move inwards from there. Flagpole will be the most crowded, although still definitely worth it, and the hills will become progressively less crowded as you move further into the park.

    Franklin Delano Roosevelt Park

     (170.2 mi)

    Juan L.:  For those of us in South Philadelphia, this cherished escape from the city hustle provides a great sledding and snow tubing experience for the youngsters in the family. There are a number of hills around the lake that are not steep but provide enough of an incline to build a bit of speed without safety concerns. Since the park is so large, there is always enough room for a number of sledders without concern for collisions. This is one of the best lesser known spots in the entire city.

    Philadelphia Museum of Art

     (171.5 mi)


    Juan L.:  I know what you're thinking. And no, this is not the most conventional sledding hill, but it's iconic in Philadelphia and a blast for adventurous older kids. Each year, even when the Museum is closed, hundreds of Philadelphians flock to the museum to sled down the looming front steps that become so packed with snow that they create a safe and fun man-made hill in the heart of the city. It's really a unique experience and as long as caution is exercised, it's a safe experience. Obviously this is probably not a great choice for younger children and toddlers.

    Clifford Park - Tommy's Hill

     (172.4 mi)


    Juan L.:  Right next to the historic Thomas Mansion in Clifford Park is one of Philadelphia's longest sledding hills. While not too steep, the benefit is that this hill seems to go forever! The never ending ride appeals to many kids who are risk-averse and prefer a more relaxed yet still fun experience.

    Plus, visiting the mansion afterwards is a great way to escape the cold when it becomes too chilly!

    Burholme Park

     (180.4 mi)


    Juan L.:  Philadelphians know this as one of THE best places to sled. Burholme Park is a staple of Philadelphia winter fun, especially for those in Northeast Philly. The park is perfect for all -- including the newer adventurers, the elementary kids, and even the thrill-seeking tweens and teens because of the large number of hills available within a fairly contained area. The main and most well-known hill is the largest and fastest ending at the edge of Fox Chase Cancer Center Drive. It can get a bit crowded so come earlier in the day and stake out a spot!

    Blue Mountain Resort

     (181.5 mi)

    Tickets start at $25/person

    Must be 36" or taller

    Tim Ponisciak:  For the family that really loves their snow tubing, make the short hour and a half drive out to Blue Mountain Resort! Blue Mountain claims to have 34 of the longest (over 1,000 feet!) and fastest snow tubing runs in the state.

    Austin Meehan Middle School

     (182.2 mi)

    Juan L.:  For the more adventurous and thrill seeking families and kids, Austin Meehan has a great hill that is open to the public. The school was built on a hill and each side has a steep sledding and tubing hill available. Since the entire school is on a hill, if one side gets too crowded there are a number of other ideal spots that are equally as steep. The crowd here is usually a bit older (many students from the school) so if you're there with younger kids, make sure to keep an eye on them.

    Jack Frost & Big Boulder

     (190.0 mi)

    Rates start at $25/session

    Recommended height of tubers is 42"+

    Sue Krawitz Tandoc:  Jack Frost & Big Boulder offer ultimate snow tubing fun just a short drive away in the Poconos. Both mountain resorts feature snow tubing with availability of transporting people to the top of the hills so everyone can then enjoy the ride down!

    Tyler State Park

     (193.3 mi)


    Tim Ponisciak:  This is a great spot northeast of the city to go sledding! You can also enjoy ice skating and cross country skiing if you want to make a whole day of winter activities!

    Camelback Mountain - Snowtubing

     (202.5 mi)

    Tickets start at $30/person

    Riders must be 33" or taller

    Sue Krawitz Tandoc:  Check out Camelback Mountain Snowtubing for the country's Biggest Snowtubing Park right here in the heart of the Poconos. They boast over 40 snow tubing lanes for ultimate sliding fun and 2 Magic Carpet Lifts to bring you to the top of the mountain with ease. Guests can use single or double tubes for maximum family fun. Try tubing during the day or Galactic evening tubing and take advantage of various special rates. There are also plenty of dining options to refuel after your tubing adventure.

    Snowtubing sessions are two hours long and start every hour on the hour.

Primary photo:   Michal Janek on Unsplash

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