We've built a Rock Climbing For Kids Guide to help LA reach new heights! Climbing is a fun and unique kid-friendly sport to practice problem solving, all the while further developing mental and core physical strength. It also happens to be really satisfying to conquer! Here's a list of places around Los Angeles that offer open gym or youth programs for kids at any level. Rock out for a day, or sign up for a weekly camp. You can even host a rock climbing birthday party, too. Either way, enjoy the view from the top!

    Hangar 18

     (2775.3 mi)

    Erynn:  Hangar 18 started in Upland, but now they have ten locations all over LA! Kids of all ages are welcome to climb during open gym times, as long as parents are supervising, and there are plenty of obstacles and classes to accommodate every ability level.

    Cost: Rates start at $13/kids and $18/adults for a day pass

    Aesthetic Indoor Rock Climbing Gym

     (2805.4 mi)

    Erynn:  This expansive climbing facility has over 2,000 square feet of bouldering terrain, plus unique bouldering features and around 75 rope climbing routes. There are also recreational facilities (like ping pong) and fitness areas for weightlifting and more.

    Cost: Day pass rates start at $18/adults; $15/kids

    Sender One Climbing

     (2816.6 mi)

    Erynn:  Sender One locations have a dedicated kids' area (Sender City) so kids can climb anytime, but their drop-in sessions also span kids' supervised climb sessions, a climbing academy, and camps where they can hone skills.

    Note that there are two locations: LA and Orange County!

    Cost: Rates start at $25/adults and $20/youth for day use, plus the cost of gear; kids drop-in programs start at $29/session

    The Stronghold Climbing Gym

     (2839.9 mi)

    Erynn:  Stronghold offers roped climbing, bouldering, a fitness area, and even yoga classes. Kids and adults can drop in for Open Climb sessions or enroll in classes to explore the gym. There's also an Adaptive Climbing club where those with disabilities can enjoy climbing, too.

    Cost: Rates start at $25/adults and $20/youth for a day pass, plus the cost of rental equipment

    Touchstone Boulders

     (2841.2 mi)

    Erynn:  LA Boulders is a climbing facility that focuses on bouldering only, so there are no ropes to learn or harnesses to wear. Whether they want to drop in and boulder for fun or join a recreational or competitive team, kids are always welcome here--as long as a grownup is attending them.

    There are also Hollywood Boulders and Verdigo Boulders locations, too!

    Cost: Rates start at $20/day pass for both kids and adults, plus the cost of equipment

    Cliffs of Id

     (2850.7 mi)

    Erynn:  This location is an offshoot of Touchstone climbing, but they offer more expansive kids' programming, including after-school and school break climbing camps. The facility has over 10k square feet of bouldering terrain plus rope climbing, fitness classes, a weight room, and cardio equipment.

    Cost: Kids' camps start at $250/camp session; Day pass rates start at $20 for kids and adults

    Rockcreation LA

     (2856.4 mi)

    Erynn:  Kids ages six and up can enroll in special kids' classes at Rockreation where they can practice belaying and climbing under the supervision of instructors. There are also competitive teams kids (and teens) can sign up for if open climb doesn't present enough of a challenge!

    Ages: 6+

    Cost: Rates start at $20/adults and $15/kids for a day pass, plus the cost of rental equipment

    Boulderdash Climbing

     (2862.4 mi)

    Erynn:  Boulderdash offers both bouldering and belay climbing, but availability depends on specific age and ability level. There are open drop-in times for older kids/teens plus Jr. Programs for ages five and up to get on-site instruction or enjoy supervised climb time.

    It's free to come in and spectate!

    Cost: Rates are $17/adults; $15/kids plus the cost of rental gear; Jr. Programs start at $20/session

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