Houston area parents, chime in with your reviews for the best mommy and me classes near you! Baby and toddler classes are a fun way to be social alongside your little ones while keeping those growing brains and bodies active. Browse our list of parent-approved mommy and me classes around Houston, and share the love for your own favorite.

If you're looking for activities to entertain a toddler at home, our community of parents is sharing those ideas, too!

    Painting with a Twist - Family Classes

     (1369.9 mi)

    Hannah Scott:  Informal guided painting classes have become increasingly popular in recent years, but they're typically thought of as a great date night or girls' outing. Painting With a Twist takes it into the "Mommy and Me" realm with their Family Classes! Kids of all ages are invited to join in for specially-selected projects and a unique bonding experience.

    Age: all ages

    Cost: $25 per seat

    Baby Sensory

     (1373.8 mi)

    5 week sessions

    Hannah Scott:  Baby Sensory is a company dedicated to providing hundreds of sensory experiences through parent/child classes customized for infants (Baby Sensory) and toddlers (Toddler Sense). Each class features new sounds, sights, and textures that will aid in the development of social, language, and emotional skills.

    Ages: 0-3

    Cost: $100/term

    The Little Gym

     (1386.4 mi)

    Hannah Scott:  Parent-Child classes at The Little Gym are all about strengthening the development of your child's first three years. You'll get a front row seat to the joy and discovery as you both engage in activities to strengthen muscle control, coordination, motor skill development, color recognition, language development, independence, sharing, cooperation, and more.

    Age: 4 months - 3 years

    Cost: from $22 per class

    Prelude Music Classes for Children

     (1390.7 mi)

    Hannah Scott:  Prelude Music Classes are a fun, creative way to engage with your child, even as young as newborn age! Choose from Family Class, Mixed-Age Class, Babies Class, Generations Class, or even Music Together with Spanish. You'll help your child learn and develop new skills through sensory experiences and creative musical exploration, and have a blast in the process!singer or dancer.

    music-making ideas that can hacer que cada día sea más divertido—make every day more fun!

    Age: 0-5

    Cost: contact for pricing

    Cypress Academy of Gymnastic - Tumble Tots

     (1393.9 mi)

    Hannah Scott:  

    If you want to involve your child in sports later on (not just gymnastics) the Tumble Tots class is a great way to introduce them to structured movement. Mom or Dad can join in the fun as the kiddos explore flexibility and gross motor skills, learning to jump and roll!

    Age: walking - 36 months

    Cost: $87 monthly

    Houston Ballet - Parent And Me

     (1394.4 mi)

    Tuesday or Saturday classes

    T: 9:30 - 10:15 AM

    S: 9:00 - 9:45 AM

    Hannah Scott:  Ease your child into dance life with Parent and Me classes at the Houston Ballet! Dance is a fantastic way to develop physical skills like strength, coordination, and balance as well as memory, social skills, rhythm, and more. And the opportunity to participate and see that development firsthand? Priceless.

    Age: Preschool (2+)

    Cost: $210/ 6 week session

    Crescendo Family Music

     (1394.8 mi)

    8-10 classes per session

    Hannah Scott:  Each 45 minute class at Crescendo Family Music is an opportunity for you and your child to engage in songs, rhythms, movement, and instrument play. Depending on your class choice, your child will interact with peers and also have the opportunity to learn from older children (Mixed Ages Class) or even older adults (Generations Class). A class specifically catering to babies as young as newborn is also offered.

    Ages: 0 - 5 years

    Cost: contact for pricing

    Words By The Handful

     (1395.1 mi)

    Hannah Scott:  Babies can understand the words we're saying long before they can speak them, and many families have had great success teaching them sign language to communicate those needs before they can talk! Words By The Handful offers fun, interactive classes in American Sign Language for babies and their caregivers in which skills are taught using songs and music.

    Age: 6 months - 2 years

    Cost: contact via website for pricing and registration

    Fundamentally Music

     (1396.0 mi)

    11 week sessions

    Hannah Scott:  A lifetime of music development begins in the first ten months of life, and the programs at Fundamentally Music are a great way to introduce musical concepts early on. Age-appropriate singing, instrument play, and movement activities are presented, and tuition includes a CD or download to practice with at home!

    Ages: 4 months - 4 years

    Cost: $217/session

    ArtMix Creative Learning Center

     (1399.8 mi)

    Stephanie W.:  ArtMix has you covered with art classes for babes to teens! Babies and toddlers will bring mom or dad for a half hour class, while 3-5 year olds will learn about art from all over the world in an hour long class. Your older kids can try painting, drawing, or sculpting classes, or workshops where different topics are covered each week- like jewelry making or tie-dying. There are private lessons available as well!

    They host Open Studio Time, monthly Cookies & Crafts, Pop-In Playgroups and more.

    Age: 10 months- 15 years

    Cost: $30-$45/class, $10-$20+/Open Studio Time, varies by age group

    Monart School of the Arts

     (1401.0 mi)

    Stephanie W.:  Monart has over 3 dozen class offerings for little ones and up! Unique classes like Comic Book Creation, Animation Drawing, and Computer and 3D Printing are available for kids ages 6 and up, and younger kids can take basic drawing, fashion design, or Mommy & Me drop-in classes!

    Age: 0-18

    Cost: Mommy & Me- $30/class. Contact for more class pricing.

    Gymboree Play & Music

     (1401.0 mi)

    Hannah Scott:  At Gymboree Play & Music, the focus is on child development over time. That's why classes are offered in 6-month increments to provide challenge and growth. Choose from Play & Learn, Baby Lab, Family Art, Family Music, and more! You and your child will enjoy structured and open-ended activities that provide a head start in development of language, movement, sensory integration, balance, coordination, and fine/gross motor skills.

    Ages: 0-5

    Cost: varies by location

    Busy Beats Music

     (1402.0 mi)

    Hannah Scott:  Kindermusik classes are the perfect way to strengthen your parent-child bond while engaging in an activity nearly everyone loves -- making music! Class offerings are structured by age and developmental level, ensuring a place for every kiddo and allowing for seamless transitions as they get older. You'll have a blast singing, dancing, playing instruments, and exploring together (and your kiddo won't even realize they're working on fine/gross motor skills, language development, and more).

    Studio June - Bake With Me

     (1402.8 mi)

    6 week sessions

    Ages: 18 months - 3 years

    Hannah Scott:  If your kiddo is anything like mine, they LOVE to help in the kitchen! Studio June's Bake With Me class takes that desire for involvement and uses it as an opportunity to practice turn-taking, patience, and sensory exploration as the group works together to prepare a new recipe each week.

    Sugarland Art Center - Mommy and Me Paint Class

     (1413.5 mi)

    1st & 3rd Saturday

    10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

    Hannah Scott:  Does your child draw pictures, presenting you with a daily "masterpiece" to hang on the fridge? Why not take things up a notch with a Mommy and Me painting class! You and your budding Picasso will create a project together following step-by-step instructions. And this time, your masterpiece might even graduate from the fridge to the wall!

    Ages: 3-12

    Cost: $40 per class (parent and 1 child); $10 each additional child

    Majestkids Playland

     (1413.7 mi)

    Hannah Scott:  Majestkids is an indoor playground designed to inspire imaginative active play. Their weekly classes include Arts & Crafts, Music & Movement, and Family Yoga. Admission price is for the entire day, so you can play before and after the classes. Two adults are admitted free with each paying child -- can't beat that!

    Ages: 8 months - 5 years

    Cost: from $9/child

    Sugar Land Gymnastics

     (1415.5 mi)

    Hannah Scott:  Sugar Land Gymnastics offers gymnastics classes from beginner to advanced, but they understand that some kids might be a little apprehensive about diving right into something new. That's why their Mom & Me class is the perfect way to introduce basic gymnastics skills and exercises while enjoying the security of having Mom or Dad involved.

    Age: 18 months - 2.5 years

    Cost: contact for monthly tuition rates

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