Martial arts classes around Columbus are great ways to teach your kids discipline, work ethic, focus and self-confidence. Kids as young 3 can begin taking classes such as karate and tae kwon do. Martial arts provide a great total body workout for the body and mind. Why let the kids have all the fun? Some studios offer family classes so everyone can experience the benefits of martial arts while having fun.

    Darimar Martial Arts

     (378.7 mi)

    Katie G.:  Darimar Martial Arts teaches students discipline, respect, self-esteem, confidence and patience through their traditional tae kwon do classes. Strength, flexibility, endurance and speed are some skills that students will learn from the certified instructors at Darimar Martial Arts.

    Ages: 3.5+

    Xcel Martial Arts

     (386.3 mi)

    Katie G.:  Xcel Martial Arts offers fun, self-defense training for students of all levels. Kids at Xcel Martial Arts will learn life skills - confidence, coordination, balance, focus, self-defense and anti-bully training taught by passionate and qualified instructors.

    Ages: 4+

    Worthington Martial Arts Institute

     (388.1 mi)

    Katie G.:  Worthington Martial Arts Institute provides the highest quality instruction in karate and taekwondo, while teaching students safety and self-defense. Kids classes at Worthington Martial Arts Institute will teach kids discipline and focus while being active.

    Ages: 4+

    Ronin Training Center

     (389.4 mi)

    Katie G.:  Ronin Training Center is a fitness center focused on martial arts, self-defense and fitness in the Columbus area. Although mostly serving adults at their facility, Ronin offers kids classes in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo and Kickboxing to help teach kids important lessons and skills they will take with them throughout their lives.

    Polaris Taekwondo

     (390.1 mi)

    Katie G.:  Polaris Taekwondo offers the highest quality training for kids in martial arts . The curriculum focuses on self-defense in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Students will progress at their own pace according to their age and ability. Classes are offered from beginner to advanced.

    Ages: 4+

    USA Seibukan Martial Arts Training Center

     (390.6 mi)

    Katie G.:  USA Seibukan Martial Arts Training Center offers karate programs for adults and teens at all skill levels. Classes will focus on students individual needs and learning styles which will help optimize their training.

    Ages: 4+

    ATA Black Belt Academy

     (390.8 mi)

    Katie G.:  ATA Black Belt Academy specializes in martial arts training for children and teens. ATA helps students learn karate in a safe and fun environment while teaching respect, self-discipline, self-control and the ability to defend oneself if needed.

    Tiger Woo's World Class Tae Kwon Do

     (390.8 mi)

    Katie G.:  Tiger Woo's martial arts classes provide quality instruction teaching students to do their best in a positive way. Students will learn confidence, strength, focus, self-respect and develop coordination with Tiger Woo's Tae Kwon Do classes.

    Ages: 3+
    Warrior Spirit Karate

     (392.7 mi)

    Katie G.:  Warrior Spirit Karate teaches karate and self-defense classes for students looking to develop mentally and physically. The Parent and Child karate program is designed for kids age 4 to 7 and their parent, giving parents an opportunity to practice karate along with their child. The class will teach children motor and listening skills, how to follow instructions, physical fitness, self-defense, confidence, focus and respect for others. Beginning at age 8, children can enroll in beginner or advanced karate classes at the studio.

    Ages: 4+

    J. Kim Martial Arts

     (393.4 mi)

    Katie G.:  The history of the J. Kim Martial Arts school dates back more than 60 years ago teaching students the art of Tang Soo Do. Similar to Tae Kwon Do, but with less competition, students will learn how to incorporate their body, mind and spirit through classes at J. Kim Martial Arts.

    Powell Taekwondo Academy

     (394.9 mi)

    Katie G.:  Students at Powell Taekwondo Academy will participate in fun and exciting classes while learning about martial arts. Tae kwon do classes are offered for kids and teens of all levels. Little Kickers is for kids ages 4-6, children's classes are for kids ages 6-12 and teen classes are for those ages 13 and up.

    Ages: 4+

    J. Tiger Martial Arts

     (395.2 mi)

    Katie G.:  J. Tiger Martial Arts offers classes for the whole family teaching students self-respect, discipline and confidence while developing physical, mental and emotional skills that are useful in life. The studio also offers an After School Program where students will participate in Tae Kwon Do classes, do their homework, reading and have a snack while they wait for their parents to pick them up.

    Pro Martial Arts of Powell

     (395.6 mi)

    Katie G.:  Pro Martial Arts teaches the training and techniques of martial arts. Kinder Kicks classes are offered for the little ones from newborn through age 5 and require parent participation offering a chance for you and your child to have fun. Kids classes are for kids ages 3-17 and teach the basic skills and fundamentals of martial arts. Life lessons are taught at Pro Martial Arts including bully and predator prevention tactics to keep kids safe.

    Ages: 3+

    Village Taekwondo

     (395.7 mi)

    Katie G.:  Village Taekwondo will help students learn confidence, self-discipline and respect following the Taekwondo America curriculum. Classes are offered for children and teens and taught by certified instructors.

    Ages: 4+

    Summit Martial Arts Academy

     (395.8 mi)

    Katie G.:  Summit Martial Arts Academy has been serving the Delaware area for over 25 years offering Karate training for kids of all levels. Students at Summit Martial Arts will learn life skills, such as confidence, self-esteem, coordination, respect and bully prevention.

    Tiger Lee's Martial Arts

     (395.9 mi)

    Katie G.:  Martial Arts classes at Tiger Lee's teach kids about the importance of Taekwondo and the impact it can have on life. Students will learn valuable life skills such as respect, confidence, focus and self-control. Classes are offered for kids as young as 3 all the way up through the teenage years and adults. There is also a family class for those families who want to spend quality time together while making memories and learning the sport of taekwondo.

    Ages: 3+

    Cost: Contact studio for pricing

    Dublin Elite Taekwondo

     (396.1 mi)

    Stephanie Brua:  With an abundance of after school activities to choose from, I was looking for something that I didn't realize I was looking for that I found at Dublin Elite. I have 2 sons who are not interested in traditional sports. I had reviewed several martial arts schools, but Dublin Elite was different. The facility is incredible for families - quiet lounge, study room, and the enclosed mat area. Parents are encouraged to participate on and off the mat. Master Buchanan teaches from real life experience and heart. Incredible opportunity.

Primary photo:   Jyotirmoy Gupta on Unsplash

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