Gymnastics for kids is flipping awesome! Most gyms offer early childhood classes for tots and preschoolers, introducing them to stretching, balancing and doing fun tricks. Then, as children grow to love the sport, they can move onto more competitive teams. At any age, however, non-competitive and recreational tumbling classes are great ways to stay fit and flexible around Los Angeles!

    Realis Gymnastics

     (2772.4 mi)

    Erynn:  Starting with parent-and-me classes and ranging all the way to competition level gymnastics, Realis offers engaging and skill-building classes at two locations. Younger kids' classes start out mild, but older kids can take acro and circus classes, too. Parties are available on-site, as are various camps.

    Sports offered: Tumbling, acro, circus

    Ages: 18 months+

    Cost: Starts at $50/month plus registration fee

    VIBE Gymnastics

     (2815.9 mi)

    Erynn:  Kids can dabble in gymnastics, parkour, and tumbling at VIBE or work up to competition level. Even little ones (with their caregivers) can learn basic gymnastics skills. VIBE also hosts birthday parties and Open Gym.

    Sports offered: Gymnastics, parkour, tumbling

    Ages: 18 months+

    Cost: Pricing starts at $80/month for one class per week

    Stars Gymnastics

     (2818.5 mi)

    Erynn:  Programs at Stars Gymnastics include everything from recreational classes for toddlers on up to beginner through advanced gymnastics, tumbling and trampoline classes, ninja fitness, and adaptive gymnastics for children with special needs. Birthday parties and competition team gymnastics are also available!

    Sports offered: Gymnastics, dance and movement, tumbling, trampoline

    Ages: 18 months+

    Cost: Starts at $72 for one day per week

    American Gymnastics Academy

     (2838.3 mi)

    Erynn:  With both competitive and recreational gymnastics, American Gymnastics Academy has everything kids need to go from beginner to expert. They'll learn everything from strength and flexibility to backhand springs and cartwheels! Birthday parties are also available.

    Sports offered: Gymnastics, tumbling

    Ages: 1+

    Cost: Starts at $79/month

    The Klub Gymnastics

     (2841.3 mi)

    Erynn:  Classes at The Klub are about developing skills in a fun and supportive environment; their motto is Strength, Self-Esteem, Success! If that doesn't sound like a good time all around, gymnastics fanatics can also have a birthday party here, join in Klub Night Out, or attend camp!

    There's also a Klub Kardio fitness area for parents who become members.

    Sports offered: Gymnastics

    Ages: 1+

    Cost: Pricing starts at $99/month for one class per week

    California Rhythms

     (2846.1 mi)

    Erynn:  With both recreational and competitive gymnastics classes, California Rhythms gives kids a creative and engaging place to explore what their bodies are capable of. Pre-school courses involve balls, ribbons, hoops, and more while recreational classes feature more creative movement and dance.

    Sports offered: Rhythmic gymnastics

    Ages: 4+

    Cost: Prices start at $175/session (one hour per week for 8 weeks)

    Flight School Gymnastics

     (2846.5 mi)

    Erynn:  Kids of all ages and abilities can take classes at Flight School and even proceed into competition at Olympic levels. The focus is on teaching respect and caring while having fun and staying safe. There are also parent-and-me classes for younger kids, plus advanced and trick classes for older kids. Flight School also hosts birthday parties, camps, and parents' night out events.

    Sports offered: Tumbling, dance acrobatics, trampoline

    Ages: 3+

    Cost: Tuition starts at $80/month plus annual registration fee

    Dan The Man's Superkids

     (2855.2 mi)

    Erynn:  Kids from toddler to age 14 can enjoy hands-on gymnastics classes that are developmentally appropriate. the SuperKids programs use lots of positive reinforcement and focus on learning independence and social skills while developing self-confidence.

    You can also plan a party or enroll kiddos in camp!

    Sports offered: Gymnastics

    Ages: 12 months+

    Cost: Starts at $149/month for one class per week, plus annual enrollment fee

    Tumble Tykes Gymnastics

     (2864.5 mi)

    Erynn:  Tumble Tykes' keywords are friendly, educational, physical, and fun, which means it's a great spot for kids who just need to get energy out. Group sizes are small and classes are supportive, including an hour of training and practice where kids can build self-esteem and confidence. You can also schedule a birthday party and there are seasonal camps available.

    Sports offered: Basic gymnastics

    Ages: 18 months+

    Cost: Prices start at $90/month

    California Cartwheel Center

     (2887.4 mi)

    Erynn:  Even the smallest kiddos can get into this gym, with classes starting at infant age for parents to enjoy with their little ones. From there, positive developmental courses introduce preschoolers to basic movements and motor skills, with the option for older kids to pursue tumbling, acro, trampoline work, and more in a non-competitive environment. Parties and camps give more opportunities for gymnastic fun!

    Sports offered: Gymnastics, aerial, tumbling, acrobatics

    Ages: 6 months+

    Cost: Starts at $55/month

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