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Remember that these can also make great mother/son, father/son or mother/daughter activities!

    Bike Rides

    Kelly R.:  My husband was the heavy lifter in teaching our daughter how to ride a bike, and these days they'll often take a spin around the neighborhood for an easy little outing together.

    Read Together

    Kelly R.:  Read-aloud books at bedtime has been a dad & daughter tradition in our house for years, and it's easy to make time for father daughter activities like this when you build them into your daily routine.

    Play Dress-Up

    Kelly R.:  We have a pretty well-stocked costume bin, and one of my kid's favorite father daughter activities is dressing up with her dad in crazy getups. She thinks it's a riot to see him in her dress-up clothes and accessories, and they usually do a little photoshoot or fashion show at the end!

    Pillow & Blanket Fort

    Kelly R.:  Building a fort is a favorite in our house, and nobody builds elaborate forts quite like dad! Turn it into a fun daddy daughter day by hanging out in there together to play games, read, have a snack, etc.

    Playground Trips

    Kelly R.:  I remember having a lot of daddy daughter time at our local playground when I was little. It was such a simple thing for my dad to bring me there on the weekends, but it was our tradition and I think that's what has made it so memorable for me. It doesn't have to be expensive or over the top to be special!

    Father Daughter Dance

    Kelly R.:  If your daughter's school hosts a father daughter dance, don't miss out on it! It's one of the highlights of the whole school year for us, and there's the bonus of having the dads get to know each other better, too.

    Tea Party

    Kelly R.:  I think going out for afternoon tea is such a fun mother daughter activity, but it doesn't get much cuter than an at-home dad and daughter tea party! My daughter loved using her own tea set for a fun activity with dad when she was little. Make some caffeine-free tea, have a few fun things to nibble, and wear some fancy dress-up hats!

    Add-On Drawing Game

    Kelly R.:  My daughter enjoys doodling and drawing, and likes to get her dad in on the fun by playing this "add-on" game. On their own sheet of blank paper that they keep private, each player draws a person/animal/creature one feature at a time. They take turns naming a feature that they both will draw (muscular arms, antennae, a graphic tee). When the drawings are complete, give them names and share with each other!

Primary photo:   Morgan David de Lossy on Unsplash

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